The 100-Day Challenge – Finish Something in Your Business and Have Fun Doing It!

There are less than 100 days left until the end of 2014. Where has the time gone? And what’s on your business agenda that you still haven’t gotten around to doing?

People in the coaching and the Internet marketing world frequently issue a time-based challenge to their follows to encourage them to “get their butts in gear” and accomplish a languishing goal. Thirty (30)-day, 90-day, and 100-day challenges make their appearance in Facebook groups, e-mail blitzes, and other online marketing campaigns.

“Throwing down the gauntlet” in this fashion is particularly common during the first two weeks of the year and in the fall, when the end of the year is looming ahead and panic mode is still a month or so away.

One 100-day challenge issued in January 2014 was launched with the slogan “Get Insane Results Fast.” Depending on how you respond to such marketing copy, this is either an irresistible invitation or a reason to run as quickly and as far in the opposite direction as possible!

100-day Challenge Image by Making Productivity Easy

100-day Challenge
Image by Making Productivity Easy

I want to issue a gentler challenge – one that you will hopefully step up and embrace right now so that you navigate autumn with a sense of determination and adventure:

  • Pick a project that has stalled in your business.
  • Pick a date by which you intend to complete it.
  • Break it down into the steps required to accomplish it.
  • Then write down what you can do to make each and every step of the process FUN!

“Fun? In my business?”

If you’re scratching your head incredulously at this notion, then I encourage you to look at the last time you enjoyed doing something in your business. What was it? How frequently do you do it? How can you arrange things so you can spend more time doing it?

If you can find something enjoyable in each task you perform while you’re working, you’re much more likely to complete that task. You’re also likely to do it more quickly. This will move you along the sequence of steps required to achieve your goal with less effort, stress, and anxiety.

For the tasks you don’t enjoy, plan to give yourself an extra special reward for finishing them. (Remember that “finishing” them can also include outsourcing or otherwise delegating them, or even deciding that they don’t need to be done at all!)

Tell someone what you’re planning to do and check in with them to report your progress. That person can encourage you to finish so you can get your reward – and perhaps share it with you!

If this is a new concept for you, start small. Think “baby steps” and tackle one step at a time. This way, you will form new habits, create a long-term change in mindset, and get better results.

You can take a lot of baby steps in 100 days.

Monique Y. Wells
Monique Y. Wells is the founder of Making Productivity Easy and the Doing What Matters™ mentoring program.

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