2k Travels Near and Far – Part 2

After thrashing the idea back and forth, we decided to put all our stuff in storage. The townhouse lease would expire soon leaving us with no legal obligation to stay. We found out how much free airfare and lodging our collective points offered. Arrangements for the son still living with us were made, we began packing for storage and separating main items we needed to take with us.


Next, as first-timers in Europe we needed to decide where to visit. I scoured the Internet, absorbing every detail about traveling to Europe for the first time that I could find. Which city was the best to visit for first-timers? The pleasures and pitfalls. Where to stay, where to eat. Currency exchange. Transportation. How to handle language barriers. Tips on carrying minimal luggage. Cities considered more friendly than others to Americans; and advice on how not to behave like the rude and ugly Americans traveling in Europe I read about.


The first leg of our itinerary involved loading the car with essentials and driving from Miami to U. S. cities visiting family and friends until the time arrived to leave for Europe. To further conserve limited funds, we took advantage of Priceline hotel and motel deals when not staying with someone we knew. The road trip gave us plenty of opportunity to evaluate what to do after returning from Europe. Half of our plan was set.


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