About NedRa Bonds

NedRa Bonds

Contemporary mixed fiber artist, NedRa Bonds is from Kansas City, Kansas. She works with textiles to express her interpretation of  global, social, and political influences that affect our lives. Bond’s use of textiles to create quilts and mixed fiber dolls are beautifully thought-provoking.

On the international stage, NedRa Bonds’ quilts have exhibited in Tanzania and Turkey. In the U. S., exhibitions of her work have displayed in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, California, Washington DC, Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Additionally, she has served as guest speaker in Brazil and Turkey, and educator of mixed fiber art in Tanzania and Kenya.

Moreover, Bonds’ work has traveled in such group exhibits as Spirits of the Cloth, and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. She is passionate about the relationship between the Arts and Health. In particular, the quilts in health movement that began with the AIDS quilts projects and continued with Quilts of Valor (for returning Veterans), Healing Quilts Inc., (addressing children’s feelings), Healing Quilts in Medicine, and the Women’s Equity Quilt at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for which Ms. Bonds was commissioned.

Recently, Ms. Bonds commented, “Everybody needs to be exposed to creative principles in order to feel good.”

See NedRa’s quilt collection by clicking here.

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