fromacloud provides content creators opportunities to uncover and tear into the exceptional, inspiring, enjoyable, and often infuriating influences of living in a digital world.


Reflect the universality of the human condition through clever narrative, visual art, stories, poetry and prose, interviews, music, photos, video, and podcasts.


Create an evolving milieu that nurtures candid discussion and an artistic representation of ideas. fromacloud is a place where conventional attitudes coexist with nonconformist views. Similar to how real clouds transport water from one location to another by capturing water vapor from below and change in shape, color, size, and speed of movement, so will fromacloud.

On “The SpacePlace” NASA’s official website about clouds the agency states: “Sometimes clouds are very unruly. They appear to be a little of this and a little of that” — fromacloud holds the juxtaposition of thoughts, images, and sounds from individual experiences to form a collective consciousness. *

* The SpacePlace – Unscramble the Clouds – NASA Official Website


The founder of fromacloud recognized too many newsfeeds regurgitated the same articles, the same mainstream names, and other content with only a slight twist, here and there. A lack of diversity in thought, images, and sound became the impetus for establishing a platform that truly reflects a broader worldview. Thus, fromacloud was created to feature the work of individuals who love what they do, but may not be widely known-yet. However, mainstream individuals are not excluded, if fromacloud can tap into a different approach. The ezine covers different topics, issues, and opinions. Content contributors state something of value about themselves or other incredible everyday people who love what they do, and deserve a place in the Cloud. Equally important, the founder realizes the influence mainstream happenings have on our daily lives, and when appropriate illuminates such influences in ways that sync with the purpose, mission, and vision of fromacloud.