Get a step ahead of the trendiness of popular music and tune in to Showers’ newest releases! This time, Showers is releasing a yet unknown amount of compilations, grouped together by commonalities, and numerically named based on a successional sequence, as well as his other mysterious, personal algorithms. Obviously the first installment of this selection, ‘0.1’ is a 13-track party that packs a serious punch! Categorized as r&b, hip-hop, soul, and love music, these tracks are an candidly apt introduction to Showers as an artist.

The album covers an array of sounds, emotions, and frequencies, beginning with his proverbial calling card, the melodiously catchy, ‘78392’. It also includes fan favorites such as hip-hopish ‘This Has To Be A Dream’, soothingly smooth ‘Living Like The One Percent’ (featuring Shopen Patel), the exceedingly groovy track ‘Love Is Gone’, and the awesomely rhythmic ‘I Like To Party’. As per usual, this album includes a diverse usage of instrumentation; everything electric guitars, to keyboards, to unconventional percussions, there is truly a sound for everyone.

This is the perfect soundtrack for virtually anything. Songs about love, songs about hate, songs about partying, songs about struggles, songs about overcoming…it’s all here! If you’re looking for a new way to get your groove on, listen to ‘0.1’!

Venus L

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