Valentine’s Day 2015 finds me without a love of my own. No biggie, it’s been that way for years now. I’m pretty much cool with it. While most of the people my age are grandparents, I don’t even have a kid. I do have great memories of the roller coaster ride you sign up for when you fall in love.

If I ever run across somebody again I deem worthy of my most personal attention, I’ll fill out an application. If not, the big wheel keeps on turning. Love is life’s huge thing that is a key to happiness. I’m learning that being loved and giving love doesn’t have to pertain to a person.

The love of my life is comedy. Standing in front of people and trying to get them to laugh together. I want them to laugh hard and feel as good as I do when I laugh hard. As hard as I did while listening to early Bill Cosby albums when I was about 5. As hard as I howled watching early George Carlin in the Ed Sullivan show soon after.

I don’t necessarily want to make love to my audience-for me lovemaking is strictly a one on one operation. I want to love large groups of people into feeling better by laughing really, really hard. To where you can’t make any sounds or stop the tears rolling down your cheeks.

I had a really hard laugh recently watching The Simpsons. You know how they will cut in the middle of a scene and make a crazy left turn joke. Suddenly, I’m watching Al Jarreau on Al Jazeera singing about terrorists. After laughing long and hard you can’t help but feel better. The better you feel, the better decisions you make. The better the world becomes.

William Stephenson

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