Single Spotlight: ‘Maybe’ by Terzasfera – Taliferro Music ♫

In case you’re yet unfamiliar, Terzasfera is an Italian electropop band fronted by the gorgeous vocalist, Joy Moonbay. Known for their playful, positive, and profound playlist of pop cultural perfection, this is certainly a band to watch, (assuming you haven’t already been doing so). On that note, if you’re looking for an awesomely ambient electropop fusion track that’s both cynical and sensual well maybe you should keep reading…


By “maybe,” I mean definitely! Seriously, if you’re looking for a song that can simultaneously voice your relationship-related frustrations and calm your anguish, this is it! “Maybe” by Terzasfera is a song that effortlessly expresses the pure passion associated with heartache, in a healthy and candid manner.

All That In One Song?!

Why, certainly! What is presumably a track based on a definitive moment of uncertainty in love, “Maybe” is one of those tunes that can virtually rectify any foul mood. The music is lullaby-esque while the words are simultaneously a stark contrast. The tracks seem to tell a tale in which the leading lady rehashes and laments over the various mistakes she may or may not have made/allowed in her most recent relationship. Culminating in the chorus the powerful words “NEVER AGAIN” are belted and crooned with such sincerity, you begin question the title of the track.


Overall, this track seems to be an homage to the fickle nature of love. Though the song is definitely about a woman who is clearly hurting and questioning her relationship with her significant other, the title of the track indicates there is still hope. The singer sounds strong and sure about needing to move on. However, the word “maybe” repeatedly peppered throughout the song reflects that she’s truly not sure whether she’s coming or going.

Isn’t That Just Like Love?! Well, Maybe…

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We’re "Zealous" About Chill – Taliferro Music ♫

I have a few friends who just don’t like electronic music. Ambient, techno, Eurobeat, trance, downtempo, it doesn’t matter. And don’t even think about trying out dubstep or industrial on them. Their heads would explode. You know these people, right? If it doesn’t have an acoustic feel or fit their genre template, they just can’t hear it.

Don’t get me wrong—I like acoustic music, too. I’m a sucker for the strummed guitar string, the felt hammer on piano wire, or a good drummer going apeshit on a bona fide drum kit. But to dismiss anything electronic (usually with a misguided “music made by machines” generalization)? No. That’s just stuffing your ears with opinions and ignoring the amazing artistry and variety of electronic music today.

You have to feel sorry for these people. They’ll never explore Calima Shatiday’s work, which means they’ll never hear “Zealous,” a four-minute cool jewel of chill out. And that means they’ll never have the experience I just had, a paradoxical mash-up of laid-back mesmerization and forward-sitting focus.

The thing that keeps you leaning in to listen is the remarkable range of sounds emerging from a simple structure. The dynamic range, too, establishes itself with expansive crescendos that contract back to a whisper. It has the feel of breathing. That in-and-out isn’t the only play of opposites, either. Surface and depth. Stasis and momentum. The feel is familiar, yet strange. Somehow, it’s both as non-distracting as “background music” and as attention-grabbing as a sudden remark that takes a conversation in a new direction.

Well, the album is Conversations, after all. What Shatiday seems to be saying is, “Open your mind. Let the sounds take you somewhere new. Your banjo will still be waiting for you when you get back.” Something like that.

Jim Howard

We’re “Zealous” About Chill – Taliferro Music ♫.

Business Minding

Business Minding

I’m on record saying I don’t watch award shows because I couldn’t give a crap about rich people patting themselves on the back. I have wondered aloud why there is no nationally televised Best Teacher Of The Year show. The answer is always ratings. Not enough people would watch stories about the positive effects a teacher has had on a student through various interviews and re-enactments. America is more curious as to what the chick of the day is wearing.

Our country is all up in everybody else’s backyard. Minding your own business has gone the way of making a private phone call for a dime in a booth. The airwaves are overrun with carbon copy TV shows that do nothing but report on the “goings on” of famous people.

And now we can even use video to call into these shows live and offer our personal take on Justin Beiber’s latest arrest.

On the surface, Dance Moms is a show about young dancers and their moms. It’s really about the teacher being a bitch and the overbearing mom’s impatience with the teacher and their kids. A viewer called TMZ Live to complain that Justin B had a police escort to a concert. When told Lebron James had the same deal she felt strongly that Justin wasn’t as important as Lebron, and that makes it wrong to spend taxpayers money blah, blah, blah. Looks like America feels athletes and entertainers are the most important people of all.

In an episode of Hardcore Pawn, a woman leaving the store was upset about not being satisfied, saw a woman in line looking at her “wrong.” The next thing you know these two face off in a wolf ticket competition. All up in each other’s grill about their respective skank levels. Then, I noticed the woman in line had one of those battery packs for a microphone underneath her blouse in the back. Apparently this was not reality it was simply another made up conflict.

These so called “guilty pleasures” are called that because we know it’s wrong to enjoy watching people get embarrassed, beat down, or otherwise humiliated. We watch anyway because we just can’t mind our own damn business.

I have heard more than one “reality star” talk about relevance. I suppose the attention from the masses of nosy people gives them the feeling that they are relevant. On the real, they are just part of the whole cycle. People get rich, taking pictures and reporting on the famous. People are being outrageous and completely rude for the camera, in a lame attempt to fast track fame.

There seems to be no shortage of people willing to expose whatever skeletons are in their closets. Doing something noteworthy is not necessary if fame is your end game.

In every field of endeavor, there are people who do their job with excellence and passion, but athletes and entertainers always get more than a fair share of attention.

Meanwhile, teachers continue to be underpaid and deal with overcrowding and are required to babysit students that have little or no home training.

William Stephenson

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