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Since the summer, members of the historically Black central district community in Seattle have taken back the Horace Mann building from the Seattle Public Schools (SPS). Calling out the district for it’s racially biased suspension rates, lack of culturally relevant curriculum, and general oppression of youth of African descent, they have been running their own educational programs in the building, called the Africatown Innovation and Education Center (AIEC). Hundreds of Black youth have participated in learning activities there over the course of the summer and fall.

The school district wants to begin renovations on this building immediately, so that it can be turned over to a majority-white alternative school called Nova (even though many Nova teachers, parents, and students do not want to displace the AEIC). Africatown residents have refused to move, delaying construction and creating an accelerating political crisis for the SPS leadership. For background info, click here and here.

Horace Mann is located at 24th and Cherry St., Seattle. Barring a police raid, there will be a Black labor movie night and disucssion there on Fri at 6 PM. I encourage everyone to go by and check it out for yourself.

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My Love Affair with Emotiva – Taliferro Music ♫


A few months back, I got an itch to maximize my surround sound by actually implementing a surround sound setup. At the time, my system consisted of a home theatre preamp, amplifier, a center channel speaker, small left and right home theatre speakers and a subwoofer. I lacked the rear and side surround speakers.

I dreaded the thought of running wires from the front of my living room to the back of my living room, hence the procrastination. However, by adding such high quality components, ignoring the rear speakers seemed like a crime.

I really enjoy listening to the music I record through my system, which consists of a McIntosh MX132 Home Theatre Preamplifier and a MC206 Amplifier. I must admit, that I am somewhat speaker challenged, using Martin Logan Motion series speakers, but the McIntosh compensates for what I lack in true audiophile speakers.

Biting the bullet, I drove to my friend’s house and retrieved my Alesis Studio Monitors that were sitting in his house for over 2 years. I then went to Home Depot and bought some speaker wire ducts to hide the wires that would run to the back of the living room.

With wires installed running to the back of the living room, hidden, and Alesis Studio Monitors in place, I went into the calibration settings of my McIntosh to implement the appropriate level to each speaker. To my shock and horror I discovered that the right surround channel wasn’t working on the preamp. (I thought this high end equipment was supposed to last forever). I tried everything I could think of to get the right surround speaker working, and nothing worked. I wrote McIntosh an email that night about the problem, dreading the thought of shipping it for repair.

The response I got from McIntosh was, “Are you sure it’s the preamplifier?” I responded, “Yes, I’m sure,” and never heard from McIntosh again.

So, now I’m on the hunt to replace my preamp, in fear of shelling out another $5,000 for a preamplifier. I searched, and read reviews, but there was one review I kept ignoring. It was a review for an Emotiva UMC-200. I ignored the review because of the price $599. Surely, I can’t get great audiophile sound from a $599 preamp?

Nevertheless, that review kept staring at me. Finally, I read the review and saw there was nothing but praise. I researched the company (because I had never heard of Emotiva) and discovered the owner created the company because he was tired of paying exorbitant amounts of money for high end equipment.

Satisfied, I ordered the unit.

Unboxing the unit was a pleasure, as it’s double boxed, and wrapped tight. Out with the old McIntosh and in with the new Emotiva UMC-200.

Impressed is an understatement. The sound produced was phenomenal. My music never sounded better, and movies sound incredible. I could not believe that this $599 box sounded better than my $5000 McIntosh. The sound is noticeably better.

Sold on the Emotiva pre-amp, I regularly visit the Emotiva website. A few weeks ago, I went to the Emotiva website, and they had a sale. Being speaker challenged, I bought 4 Emotiva tower speakers.

My experience with the speakers was like fungus growth. They grew on me. When the speakers arrived, they too, were packed secure and tight, the speakers even came with white gloves. I was less impressed with the sound initially. However, after using the UMC-200 calibration microphone and giving the speakers time to break-in, the speakers also sound wonderful.

I am now a true Emotiva fan and recommend their products to anyone who will listen. Taliferro Music artists sound wonderful and movies sound amazing.

My Love Affair with Emotiva – Taliferro Music ♫.

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