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Top 5 Reasons Everyone Needs a ‘Bestie’

It’s no secret, the world is one confusing place. The cultural norms as well as what is considered socially acceptable is shifting by the day. Gone are the days in which genuine social interactions are promoted, and instead this has been replaced with the superficial semblance of communing and sentimentality that is the world-wide web. Now that humans are officially capable of meeting and communicating with billions of people across the globe, people are encouraged not to dwell on those who do not fit into their own ideals of goodness. Thusly, loyalty and the longevity of friendships seems to be a thing of the past. Though it is true that people need to be able to stand on their own 2 feet, it is almost equally important that we as humans are connecting with the rest of humanity. That being said, here are the top 5 reasons why everyone needs a ‘bestie’…

5. Motivation– Obviously, it is our own, personal job to keep ourselves motivated. On the flip side, that is not always so realistic. We all go through things that interferes with our creativity. A good friend will always be there in order to help remind you of why you and your goals in life are worthy and important. This is an invaluable service as even the filthy rich have off days.

4. Fun Times– Though this seems to go without saying, having fun and letting loose is a vital practice for every happy, well-adjusted adult. No matter how hard you work, or how busy you are, you should always make time for a little R&R. Good friends have a way about them that makes even the most daunting tasks seem more delightful and doable. Sometimes the only thing you need to get the bottom of a ‘to-do list’, is the company of a good friend.

3. Venting– This one is huge as it is equally important to be able to vent personal frustrations, as it is to find a friend trustworthy enough to vent your most personal woes to. The art of venting can be highly therapeutic as it allows for you to get hurtful events and situations off of your mind and heart long enough to find relief and viable solutions. On the other hand, this could also be a recipe for disaster if you’re trusting the wrong person. Therefore, do be certain the person you turn to in such times, is the type of person that is deserving of this level of trust.

2. Growth– Growing is a part of life. We grow in many ways throughout our lifetimes, both seen and unseen. That being said, often times, it is the people whom we spend the most time with who help incite the thoughts or events that ultimately cause us to learn and grow. Sometimes it’s in the name of ‘friendly competition’, other times, it’s simply a natural unfolding of events. Either way, it is obviously a plus if you have someone in your life who recognizes your need for growth and gently pushes you to realize your potential.

1. Understanding– The top reason that everyone needs a best friend is to have someone who truly understands them. Unbeknownst to many, being understood and having a sense of belonging is the very crux of human existence, for most. Indeed, when one is going through situations and circumstances that seem to be all but unbelievable, there are few words more powerful than ‘I understand’.


It is undoubtedly true that humans can get through life without the companionship of another living soul. Many ingenious minds spent the majority of their lives helping to further humanity, in all but isolated conditions. On the other hand, it also has to be said that the most happy and healthy adults have formed strong, lifelong bonds with the people in their lives. This is a much more difficult task for some of us than others. Nevertheless, think outside of the box. If humans don’t seem to get you, try the animal kingdom. Most beings are capable of bonding and empathy. Indeed, there’s a reason that creatures such as dogs have long since been labeled as ‘man’s best friend’.

Venus L


“Improve Your Mood”

Feeling sad? Depressed? Is life getting you down? Not anymore! Tune into one of Ty Showers’ latest and greatest tracks, ‘Improve Your Mood’, and do just that! An uplifting dance, soul, house, and r&b fusion, ‘Improve Your Mood’ is definitely a track for with a little something for everyone. Simultaneously calming and uplifting, Showers once again manages to effortlessly blur the lines between virtually opposite genres of music. A celebratory-sounding house music bass line, blended beautifully with a soulful, r&b melody makes this piece one that seems to both caress and crash though your speakers.

Lyrically speaking, this track keeps it simple while synchronously relaying a deep and complex message. Seemingly written in the voice of a seasoned and soothing guru, Showers dishes out poetic, timeless advice, that is sure to help even the most upset listener locate their inner groove. The track commences with Showers proverbially coaxing listeners into submitting to the groove of the track. Once he has your attention he begins drop jewel after jewel of move-improving goodness; asserting that even the loneliest of us have a reason to groove as well as the fact that loving oneself is the key to true friendship. These points are driven home with repetition of the phrase, ‘Listen to the facts’, as it offers reassurance that the speaker on this track has tried and tested these lessons before releasing them, in all their catchy potency, to the general public. So…listen to the facts, this track will improve your mood… if you choose or… double your sadness back.

Venus L

On the Monotony of Monogamy: are humans built for it?

It’s no secret, the subject of fidelity in relationships is a hot-button topic. Just a mere mention of even a fictional couple’s relational woes can cause heated discussions and arguments amongst anyone within earshot. While some argue that humans are eventually supposed to settle down with one partner, others argue that monogamy is an outdated fallacy that has never worked to begin with. Indeed, everyone has an opinion on this topic…but who is right?!

Stop, you’re both right…

Humans are a complex species. We exist as one, but are divided into sections based on a plethora of innate factoids and information. Religiously speaking, most Western religions promote 2-parent families with an emphasis on monogamy and many have taken this to be the only ‘right’ way to live their lives. On the flip side, religions that stem from other cultures (as well as some fringe, Western-born religions) promote a varied subset of this notion; often allowing only one partner (typically the male) to partake in extramarital sex, or even going so far as to encourage multiple brides and/or grooms.

That being said, it’s not far-fetched to infer that perhaps there is no wrong or right way to live your life…as long as it’s honest. That is to say, if 2,3,4 or more adults agree to live and share their lives in an intimate way, none but the named parties can possibly decide whether or not this arrangement is right for them.   According to a recent study conducted on the monogamy (or lack there of) of multiple mammalian species, ‘”I’m far from convinced that humans are really monogamous,” said Tim Clutton-Brock, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Cambridge.’ Furthermore, there seems to be no rhyme of reason to the collected data from these studies: “‘When we looked at the data, it has this very weird shape,’ Wlodarski told Live Science.’Rather than it being a whole gamut of mating strategies, there seems to be two potential phenotypes within males and within females.'”

Though there are still no conclusive studies on this subject, most studies show that monogamy is a recent human convention that may have stemmed from hunting & gathering, financial issues, and a number of other social constructs. Thus, it seems as though the institution of marriage and its associated definitions will continue to evolve with the times.

In Conclusion…

The prevailing opinion seems to be that it is immoral to engage in any relationship besides a committed one between one man and one woman. Those who dare veer outside of this ideal are typically met with fierce criticism and opposition. However, with the decline of marriage rates amongst heterosexuals and the inclusion of homosexuals in the so-called ‘sanctity of marriage’ shows us first hand that times can and will change. In the future it seems that #DTR (defining the relationship) will eventually, solely be left up to the parties involved. Indeed, though we as a society feel the need to convene with those with similar lifestyles in the name of uniformity, it is also time to admit that forcing beliefs on others is an archaic practice that typically ends in massive, outright rebellion.

Venus L

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On the new Net Neutrality bill and why it’s Important

In case you missed it, the Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to reclassify broadband Internet as a utility. This may not seem like a big deal to those who have not been keeping an eye on this issue. Nevertheless, I assure you this is a massive step in the correct direction…

What does it all mean??

Essentially, the bill will prevent providers from charging individual networks extra in order to operate at full speed. Unbeknownst to many, the bill passed in 2010 made it possible for Internet providers to essentially charge people whatever they choose for service; many have complained of price hikes since that bill was introduced. Perhaps more importantly, it prevents providers from blocking access to legal content, an issue that many free speech activists have been concerned about. In a nutshell, the bill states “that no one — whether government or corporate — should control free open access to the Internet.” – This does not necessarily end all of the budding issues concerning free speech and Internet censorship. However, it seems the government has once again started to realize the importance of maintaining free speech and personal freedoms.


As with most bills, there is room for interpretation and typically some wiggle room for companies to find a way to continue unfair and shady practices. It is our right to keep a close eye on this issue and make them all answerable for the promises they’ve made to the American people.

Venus L

Crowdsourced Funding: The Gift and the Curse

For those who are yet unfamiliar, crowdsourced funding is a growing trend that has revolutionized the way in which would-be entrepreneurs fund and kickstart new ideas and businesses. Of course, as with everything else, there is a large margin for conning and dishonesty when dealing with these sites. So before you donate…or start your own campaign, consider the following:

The Gift…

This should be fairly obvious. Rather than plunging deep into debt or pestering family and friends, people are now able to launch an online campaign and reach out to billions of people who may help donate to their cause. Furthermore, many of the causes go viral and end up accruing much more funds than originally intended. Which is certainly not a bad problem to have. On the flip side, though…

The Curse…

This may be equally obvious depending on your level of trust for humanity…but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point these things out. First of all, it suddenly seems like everyone has a business or idea they’re trying to get off of the ground. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, one has to wonder how many of these are legitimate and how many are not. What’s more, even if someone has a legitimate business idea or issue, there is no way to guarantee that the money goes towards said investment. Therefore, donating is an act of faith as much as it is an act of charity. Also, the website takes a small percentage of the proceeds, so some of your money won’t go where it’s intended from the very beginning. Last, there are reportedly some who have turned this into a full-time job by consistently proposing new start-ups and other initiatives, only to cash out and create another campaign when it’s over.

The Bottom Dollar…

Overall, crowdsourced funding is a necessary medium in this age. However, the system is abused by many and may result in fewer opportunities for those who are actually well-intentioned. Think of it this way, if you donate your hard-earned money to a few bad eggs, and never see any ideas come to fruition, you’ll be far less likely to jump out on that limb if someone approaches you with a similar notion in the future. Also, you may discourage others from donating as well, based on your own experiences. Give, only if you believe in the cause and trust that your money will be put to good use. Campaign, only if you truly intend to use the money for the cause that you initially stated. Crowdsourced funding: use it, don’t abuse it!

Venus L

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