Auto Tune

Auto-Tune VS Talkbox

I often hear people tout T-Pain as the “King of the Electronic Voice.” Although people are entitled to their opinions, I think they are dead wrong. Nobody ever mentions Roger Troutman and his many contributions to funk, R&B, and some of the best hip-hop music of the 90’s. Why doesn’t he ever get any credit? Did he not get enough exposure with the smash hit Tupac collaboration “California Love”? How many people heard “Computer Love” or “I Want to be Your Man”? Apparently not as many as I thought.

Originally, Auto-tune was a studio tool designed to correct out-of-tune mistakes for singers after they recorded an album during the mixing, and editing stages. The Talkbox was created out of musical necessity so these two tools can’t really be compared. Roger Troutman was a musical genius, T-Pain obviously isn’t. A lot of people accuse T-Pain of single-handedly ruining hip-hop. I agree to a certain extent. He played a major role in its ruination, but there were a lot of other factors. For example, corporate meddling in the marketability of the genre by watering it down to the point of kindergarten complexity, which the public, so graciously ate up.

There is an old maxim that whatever is old becomes new and I definitely agree. I have seen the old become new again within the hipster movement in almost every category except musically. People still go on liking the crappy so called “stars” we have today. Were these people ever exposed to good music at a young age?

When I was a kid, on Sundays, our family liked to clean up the house. My parents would blast all sorts of gems from the stereo. I was fortunate enough to have parents that appreciated and proliferated their good tastes in music amongst me and my siblings. Some people my age may have had parents with horrible taste in music, rarely ever played music or brainwashed them with the “greatness” of The Beatles.

Whenever I turn on the radio, I literally can’t find anything outside of classic rock that I can stand for more than a microsecond before I just turn off the damn radio.

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