Bigger Fish to Fry: Tim Cook and Over-Sexualization of American Culture

Upon reading about yet another public figure who has “come out of the closet,” (namely, Apple CEO, Tim Cook), and skimming through the abundance of strongly worded comments, I started thinking, why is the necessary?!

Don’t Get Me Wrong…

I have absolutely nothing against anyone’s sexual orientation. However, why does this seem to be all we focus on as a culture? Think about it, announcing that you’re gay or straight is really just a way of stating who you prefer to have sex with…when did this become everyone else’s business?
Do heterosexuals have to declare, “I SLEEP WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX” for any reason? Usually not. So, why then is such declaration becoming a celebrated staple in the homosexual community? It’s one thing to disclose this information to your closest family and friends, it’s quite another to literally shout this very private info to the mountaintops.

Not That There’s Anything Wrong with That…

Honestly, I can feel some of you taking me the wrong way, so let me clarify. Who I have sex with is no more anyone’s business than who the CEO of Apple decides to have sex with. I get it, he’s a public figure and inquiring minds want to know…but curiosity also killed the cat (pun unintended).

Just because people want to know our sexual orientation, doesn’t mean we have to share. Of course, I never want anyone to feel ashamed. All the same, perhaps the only reason the homosexual community feels compelled to publicly declare their sexuality is because heterosexuals routinely parade and showcase their sexuality for the world to see. You can’t turn on the television without some blatant display of heterosexual culture. Even so, people become appalled when shows add homosexual characters and allow them to do the same.

Leave the Sex Stuff at Home…

Though I admire the strength it must take for anyone to go public with their sexual orientation, it’s really not necessary. Besides the asexual, the rest of us have sex at some point. Is it really that big of a deal that a man, (a filthy rich man whom you will likely never meet), may be lying with another man at night instead of a woman? It really shouldn’t be.

We as a society worry far too much about the who of things rather than the why. That is to say, today there are a plethora of unhealthy heterosexual relationships. So far as I’m concerned, heterosexuality is not necessarily a mark of normalcy. Meanwhile, the world may be on the verge of another war. There are famines, droughts, and epidemics…people, we have bigger fish to fry!

Venus L

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