The Publican 837 W Fulton Market Chicago IL 60607

Brunch Me – The Publican 837 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607


It’s Tuesday afternoon, work is dragging on and I’m in a group text already discussing with friends potential Sunday breakfast spots.

“We gotta try this new place. $7 unlimited mimosas, boom,” reads a text.

Call it a hangover recovery meal or just an excuse to keep alcohol in your system, Sunday brunch is the best reason to dine out.

It is a known fact, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet during the week I often skip it. Who has time really? Mornings are the opposite of my thing, but I am comfortable saying that I am one of those people who bases their social calendar largely around the food I will be consuming. Especially, when it comes to breakfast. Let’s be real, nothing motivates this girl more than the promise of a short stack.

So, on my most recent adventure to Chitown, my friend and I discovered the Fulton Market treasure that is the Republican. Imagine a large dining hall with long bench communal seating and vestibule booths. The “old-world” sense of décor added a cozy comfort to the meal’s experience.

Most noted for their pig-centric menu, we opted for Saturday brunch. Despite the overpriced mimosas, the corn beef hash paired with two fried eggs and crispy crunchy hash browns made me glad I woke up early. I was dazed at the cut and deliciousness of the pork belly bacon ($7) doused in just enough maple syrup. I savored every fatty bite. The seasonal lobster scramble ($20) made for an enjoyable fresh seafood find in the landlocked Midwest.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for an instagrammable classic corn beef hash, but as steep as the prices were, I’d absolutely put the Publican’s on my brunch roaster.

Stefanie Penn

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