The Calling of Rick Toms

Few people become driven to help solve a particular problem. Few people decide to solve a specific problem occurring in countries other than their own. Yet, Rick Toms is one of those people.

Beneath his unassuming nature lies a passion for helping those without limbs. Some of the people the organization he founded, Limbs For U helps are without limbs due to birth defects and accidents. Others are civil war survivors in countries where for years controlling rebels left children, women, and men without limbs.


Listening to Rick explain how he stepped into this calling is inspiring. Simultaneously, the conditions he describes that he found in the Dominican Republic, and Sierra Leone remind us how small the world really is, and makes us think about our roles as global citizens. From an entrepreneur to humanitarian, Rick Toms demonstrates how one man with the help of others can make a positive difference anywhere in the world.

Ann Levorn

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