Mama Pearl

When thinking about my younger days
my mind is filled with memories sweet
so much love in my grandmother’s house
at 1366 Taylor Street
I can still smell the scrapple
slowly cooking in the pan
Listening for the sound of granddaddy’s strap
Whenever I heard that I ran

There was a garden in the backyard-
beds for jumping on upstairs
On the front porch there was a swing made of wood
For swinging away your cares
With her hair in a bun she chased Rebel around
finally putting him in the yard
And she always would tape some pennies
to the inside of our birthday card
My grandmother’s name is Pearl
A gem of a woman tis true
Happy 96th Birthday
I Love You

Inside Moves

When someone makes your insides move
At first you don’t admit it
Giving up the power
At first you can’t conceive it

When someone touches you in your soul
you say to yourself not again
For lost is the heart unreachable
this is the time to win
The deep glow of a spirit strong
The heat of the hottest flame
Remains until the time is right
To call what we feel by name

by William Stephenson
for janet of course

The Kind Of Man

What manner of man must I be
To deserve the woman of my dreams
A man of honor, truth and humility
a rare find these days it seems

What manner of man can win her love
take flight to a higher ground
when the worlds ills attempt to subdue him
and others who’ve not been found
The kind of man is now my focus
extra strenth, new and improved
A woman should expect this kindness in man
To leave her calm and soothed
My kind of man watches his woman sit across from Oprah
while she tells the story of a part of her life
where his support helped and encouraged her
So proud to call her his wife
The man kind I am believes
in the inner softness of the soul
The moonlit path of lovers
on a too sweet lover’s stroll

The mankind I am sees
and feels and thinks with his heart
A blissful idiot to all the worlds ills
the love search is on, has been from the start
To have the kind of man I am
All she must do is ask
Together we will roam the world
With one plan in mind… last

by William Stephenson
For Janet

It’s Not Everyday

It’s not everyday good friends come along
Though we all forget this fact
We get caught up in our own trick bag
And we don’t know how to act
There are the times we cant be bothered
Times we’re not trying to hear it
Don’t want to be all up under somebody
Not even nowhere near it
If we take the time to call another a friend
We must realize some of the times may be hard
All we can do is try to maintain
Serenity in our own backyard

Some times make you laugh
Others cause tears to flow
Cherish all of the times in your life
And use these times to grow

Before The Sun

Before the sun is the time to be
Awake to see the rise
A sight so strong and constant
Sweet candy for my eyes

Before the sun is the heart of me
I detect a hint of light
Before the dawn inspires me
To keep the faithful fight

Before the sun I wait without fear
No concern of things gone wrong
My trust in life and the joy it holds
Increases with every song

Before the sun is the time to see
And think and feel and touch
Quiet is the sound you hear
The calm you now can trust

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