Soul Of A Sister

In the soul of a sister lies
deep within her heart
A place for a man to treasure
A reason for a man to start

In the soul of a sister lives
The serenity of the world
Lucky is the man she chooses
To play boy to her girl

It’s the inside moves
The inside grooves
That move me-
re tool me

Ah…let me watch your souful strut
Glide the inner stride
Sway with the intent to recreate yourself
I know you know I’m watching you

by William Stephenson

Allright Autumn

The days lose the length of summer
When autumn comes around
Leaves tumble with a haphazard dive
Waiting to be stepped on for the sound

The darkness is deep in the autumn
Unless the moon is out on the town
Glowing with a noble shade of blue
Nowhere else to be found

I can feel good about the transformation of the earth
Alas! The time for change has come
Expressions of my inner man
Formerly much too deep for some

So as we break it down to the real nitty gritty
like the peoples used to say
Ride on the road to the place you need to be
Grooving on an autumn day

by William Stephenson

When The Music's On

When the music’s on, nothing else matters
Not the pain or the hurt of love
Or the sense that the whole wide world ignores you
With a not so gentle shove

When the music’s played with love not money
It stays with you like a meat loaf cake
Care less about the video dancers jumping around
Make music for music’s sake

When the music is mined from deep within
The return holds much to desire
Listen to the advice in the stellar songs
From people like Earth Wind, ..and Fire!

I love myself when I’m listening to
Music from the masters of the groove
P Funk, Ohio Players, Isley Brothers
Come on with the break it down move

I please myself when the music is on
Other sounds I do not hear
As my soul shuffles and my mojo rustles
The rain in my day turns clear

by William Stephenson

Let Me Hold Your Dreams

Let me hold your dreams for a minute
Want to see if any resemble mine
Or if any end up in the same place
Sharing space and time

Let me hold what you hold dear
To get a feel of the fit
Blaze my mind with the fire of a passion
That never seems to quit

Let me hold your dreams for a minute
I’ll do the same in kind
It might be fun to see what we know
Then share the joy we find

by William Stephenson

Poem – I Am – by Vikki Ann Owens

I Am

i am who my mother, beverly ann owens, taught me to be

a woman of substance, loyalty, love of family, and intelligent openness

my mother is physically no longer here

but i feel her with me all the time

when i feel weak she gives me strength

when i laugh at things that are not funny to most, she is by my side laughing with me

when i cry, i feel her wipe my tears

when i am hurt and feel alone, i feel her tightly hug me and whisper, “you’re a little piece of leather and you’re well put together”

she understood human vulnerability but she also celebrated an individual’s strength under pressure

above all, she took no shit from anyone

i am vikki ann owens

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