A Song And A Woman

All a brother needs is a song and a woman
In a perfect world she would sing him his song
Keep him tuned up

A song should be sang
Directly to the earhole
Just below a whisper, more like a hum
Sang it towards the pit of my soul
Where all the good songs thrive

Choose song and woman with equal care
If she doesn’t like your song
She really don’t like you
And she won’t respect the connection

By William Stephenson

The Good Walk

I saw a sister walk the good walk this morning Just the way I like to see If she was riding a horse she’d sit tall in the saddle Go head and walk that walk for me

She worked the running late gait
All business on her mind
You could tell she had no time to chat
So I let her walk on to catch her train I surmised She must’ve known that I like it like that

She should teach that walk to the young ones Showing how to move with style and grace For a minute I felt movement inside And I never even saw her face

by William Stephenson

LaSalle Park

A circle of green with hedges for a fence was where we used to play

Just across the street was the place to meet

I wonder who’ll be out today

Runners ran around LaSalle Park

Passing lovers parked in cars

Kids skinning knees or chasing after bees

Little army men engaged in wars

I watched Tara Davis walk across the park

On the way home from Catholic school

I wonder if she ever knew how I felt

Nah, back then I wasn’t too cool

I once cut my hand in LaSalle Park

Tripped and fell on a piece of glass

Aunt Yvonne had just arrived for a visit

Running to meet her, I ran too fast

I was a very lucky kid

To live where I did

Aretha Franklin lived 3 blocks away

The Hitsville building was about a half mile

That’s all I really need to say


William Stephenson

The Prez and the Young Thing

Monica got down with Billy
Billy said it was improper
After some proof got left on her dress
(At the time it felt too good to stop her)

Old man Bill did the thing with the young one
some of us say “who wouldn’t?”
So what if he gets blown while talking on the phone
We all have done stuff we shouldn’t

Politicians lie and mislead
We trust them to do just that
We elect the one with the best hair
And doesn’t make love to their cat

Can we be shocked
The Prezzes’ cock got rocked
by the lips of a woman not his wife?
So let’s cut the crap, give his wrist a slap
Let the country get on with it’s life

by William Stephenson

Welcome To The World

Hey there little cousin Chase
Nice to have you here
You really lucked out with the parents you were given
Always keep them near

Your daddy plays music for the people
Your mom draws and writes funny things down
Your uncle makes sure the young ones learn
Oh me? I’m the family clown
You’ve got grandparents to shower you with toys and love
Your mom’s friends have kids for play
I’m sure if you’re cool, do well in school
The world will go your way

Welcome to the world Chase Brandon Croft
Get ready for lots of laughs
Listen to the music from your old man
Grow to the top of all charts and graphs
by William Stephenson

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