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Chain Reaction


Methodical lies, theft, manipulation and false accusations were the tools of my opposition. Now I laugh. Through spending time in quiet, releasing the cares of the situation and relying on the Almighty God, I’m beginning to see breakthrough in the areas I have been fighting in, and for, by faith. Seeing is believing. My walk has been one of believing without any sensory evidence. Continuing in the fight for my cause day in and out without observing what I believed to be true has been a place of growth. There were many stumbles, but babies have to crawl and stumble before they walk with confidence.

I possess a burning desire. The desire to recapture what was first given to me in word, then stolen. Though my motivation has always been to fight the good fight, I have to admit, I tried the various methods of the opposing team. My emotions betrayed me, every move seemed to fail: I cursed people, wrote nasty letters, threatened, and even destroyed material goods, eventually, the light began to shine. I am not condoning my behavior. After all, these are the very things that brought me into a place of rage with my opposition. However, when my back was against the wall, what was hidden inside came to the surface. Finally, exhausted, I merely passed out from exhaustion. Only then, was the surface skimmed and elements of my true self came forth. Patience, mercy, love in the face of hatred. To God be the glory! Of myself, I was on the verge of destruction and couldn’t see it.

There are ways that seem right, but end in destruction. When I came to myself, I realized I had fallen into the trap that had been laid for me. The plan of the opposition seemed to be in full swing, I was like them! I cried out! I asked the Lord to forgive my antics and lead me in His way. Any long battle. . .is a long battle. I am human. I get tired. Tired of believing. Tired of being good.

When I was tired, I released hell, and hell was waiting to drag me right on in. So I just stopped everything and reflected on all that happened. In clarity, I was able to see the way of truth and wisdom. Also, truth and love has in turn infuriated my opposition and caused a great release of my goods. My stuff!!! Being nice, being humble, being good, using wisdom caused my stuff to come to me!

Again, this is only the beginning. We aren’t entirely there yet. Nevertheless, I will continue in goodness, faith and love believing for the full return of all that was stolen. There are many things of which I am uncertain. The more I know, the less I know. One thing I know for sure, my thoughts are more powerful than anything anyone can ever throw at me. I become what I think about most. Think on that.

Kwjuana Thomas

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