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Change is Constant

Individual, continual, progressive change is necessary to achieve lasting societal change. I understand my societal responsibility begins first with me and my house. To endeavor to restore the standard of woman as an equal counterpart to man seems romantic. Yet, I deem it necessary and believe it possible. Being a woman, I do not have to be “as good as a man” to be valued. I am as good as a man; however, I am different and just as valuable.

I lived a gay lifestyle much of my life and looking back, I now see the image of a woman had been corrupted before me at an early age. I saw women as servants, abused, neglected by “love” mates, and always struggling, carrying the weight of the family while men were absent or emotionally neglectful.

Resultantly, I felt my life would be easier as a man. I would have more power as a man. This belief crept into my life and manifested in many ways. I hated men, but I hated myself as a woman as well. I preferred the physical companionship of a woman over a man because I trusted women and knew what to expect. I was afraid of the unknown and a familiarity with pain through vulnerability led me in the opposite direction.

Self-hatred and rejection are products of victimization. The hatred of self leads to the hatred of others. The inability to receive true and pure love which can only initially come from God. He is the source. Pure love heals the wounds of abuse, the pains of bondage and shifts identity from corrupt to glorious. The acceptance of truth is what is needed in society – pure…uncut…without judgment… without condemnation – loving acceptance, in truth.

The restoration of elegance, grace, gifting, honor, talent, production – environmental, societal and the individual, all flow from love. The ability to want better and receive better and even to know better is possible through depending on love as a mechanism for change.

Kwjuana Thomas

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