Chris Rock

Chris Rock Workout

After my set at the Cafe Wha? I ran into Chris Rock at the comic’s table in The Olive Tree, a restaurant above the Comedy Cellar. The same restaurant where the idea for Colin Quinn’s Tough Crowd TV show came about. Chris sat next to Gilbert Gottfried and was howling about a Gilbert joke:

“I took my wife to the doctor and said I don’t know if she’s got VD or TB. If she coughs, fuck her.”

I told Chris I got the script for my Black Cop role in the untitled movie he is currently shooting and wondered if I was actually going to shoot the scene since I only saw one line so far. (I had been scrolling through the script on my phone and my thumb got tired). His response was vague, so I guess I have to wait and see.

Chris was going on stage after a couple of acts, so I decided to hang out and watch him. It’s been about a month or so since I last caught his set and I wanted to see what he’s done with the jokes he was working on. I walked down the back steps and heard the crowd roar when he was introduced. I stood in the back corner as he told the audience to lower their expectations, he wasn’t going to be that good.

He mentioned it had been a while since he did standup and it looked like it. After asking himself what was going on a few times, he started hitting his jokes. In his 45 minute set, I heard new lines added to bits I had heard and some I hadn’t. Whenever I watch Chris he always says at least one thing I wish I had thought of first.

When we watch his specials on TV, we see rapid fire, boiled down, broke down to the nitty gritty funny. His pace in workout sets crawls in comparison. I try to figure out which lines he had written and which lines came to him in the moment. After closing his set with a huge laugh getter, we headed back upstairs.

He asked how long I thought he was on stage and I guessed 45 minutes. Back at the table he talked about how his new standup material was coming along.

“I love Louie, and I love Kevin Hart, but I don’t want there to be a conversation!”

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