Coming Out of the Closet

Coming Out of the Closet


It was a typical teenage party in the early 1970s. We all made it through our James Brown phase and were all up in other Funk. I laugh when I think about it now, but I remember how we used to dog James “Same Beat” Brown, after a time.

House parties back in the day had one major difference from current throwdowns. There used to be a pause in between songs. You had time to change partners, or talk with your current one. It was during one of these breaks when I noticed Marlene wasn’t around. I always sought either Penny, Marlene or Gwen, to dance with because they could take the way I used to do the Bump. They rarely complained about being bumped across the floor. I asked a couple of peeps if they’d seen her and no one had. Fact was, Donzell wasn’t around and 2 plus 2 will always equal 4. Marlene and Donzell were a long time couple, so it didn’t surprise us to find them in a closet. Teenagers don’t need the luxury of a bed, a little dark will do. It was funny because this was the type of closet that you jam stuff into when you’re having a party.

They must’ve made out with vacuum cleaners and old magazines, and just all kind of household stuff, poking them in the butt. Marlene’s afro was all squished to one side…Marlene and Donzell were one of my favorite couples and every time I clean out my closet, I think of them.

William Stephenson

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