Computer Love How the Movie Her Encourages Transhumanism

Computer Love: How the Movie ‘Her’ Encourages Transhumanism

In case you are yet unfamiliar with Spike Jonez’s groundbreaking film, “Her,” (a tale of a man that falls in love with a woman…in his computer), this may come as a surprise to you. Not unlike the millions of outlandish, mismatched love stories that have been told over the years, “Her” is another tale of forbidden love that sends the overall message, love truly conquers all.


On a slightly related note, transhumanism is the marriage, (though presumably figuratively so), of man and machine. Many are unaware, but the days of the “bionic man” may be much closer than originally anticipated. There is a slew of new technologies (don’t take my word for it…Google it!) that will allow the average person to alter their intelligence and/or physical prowess, via the usage of technology and machines. Furthermore, it has also been said that some of these newer technologies can drastically increase the human lifespan, indefinitely. If these tidbits sound odd, like the making of a society of “Surrogates,” you’re clearly wearing your thinking cap.

“Her” and Computer Love

Keeping in mind the aforementioned information, how far-fetched is it that men (and women) will at some point start to create and fashion machines into their ideal mates? Indeed, those Siri commercials have likely sent lonely men everywhere into a frenzy. What’s more, with casual sex actively promoted, and less and less people believing in marriage or commitment, why wouldn’t some people take the easy way out and turn to technology? Furthermore, honestly, this is nothing new. The sex toy industry has been around for eons and already there are several robot-dolls on the market. Is this the dawn of a new age in which technology and machine merge into one?

The Bottom Line

We are certainly living in uncertain times. The time is upon us in which we can literally utilize technology to satisfy almost any need or desire. Personally, I am of the opinion that having a full on relationship with a non-human entity is a tad unnatural, to put it mildly. However, overall there are definitely worse things in the words so in the end, I guess, to each “Her” own…


Venus L

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