Have you ever been catfished?! That is to say, have you ever been in an online relationship with someone, only to find out later that they are not all they pretended to be? Don’t be too sure, before you answer that question, do keep in mind that you may be in regular communication with one of these types on a daily basis.

Gone Fishin’

It’s no secret, this highly technological and social network infused society that we live in, has changed the face of dating forever. Indeed, approximately 1/3 of couples are now meeting online. That being said, there is clearly a large margin for error. Of the many people who meet and become happy couples, a slew of them meet and disappointingly cut ties while others still, never meet at all. Do you ever wonder why something seems so off about a person or situation but you just can’t put your finger on it? Keep reading…

What’s The Catch?

Catfish are everywhere! Virtually anyone who you communicate with online or via telephone without ever meeting them in person, is at the least somewhat fishy. Some of these people are professional con artists who prey on socially awkward people with big hearts as a means of income. Others are typically too shy and insecure to approach you as his or herself. Either way, figuring out someone who you trust and show intimate details of your life may be lying about everything they tell you is unnerving.

Where’s the Danger??

In any catfish situation, there is always a recipe for disaster. You may become totally head over heels with a fictional character or vice versa. There is also the possibility of dealing with a hardened criminal. Someone who is capable of rape, robbery, murder, or even identity theft may be contacting you. You may be handing her or him the keys to ruin your life. It may be someone you already know who is fishing for dirt to try to expose you with, or you it may even be someone who was obsessed with you long before sending a friend request. You may have to deal with feelings of betrayal, abandonment, etc. You could lose money, pride, dignity… You may even lose friends or sever relationships based on this new, fraudulent connection.

On the flip side, if you are the catfish and believe what you’re doing to be harmless, think again! There is something very dysfunctional about a person who goes such great lengths to get someone’s attention. Especially when you go so far as to use a fraudulent persona to do so. If you feel like your actions are justified due to the fact that society may have shunned you for one reason or another, think again! We all experience our fair share of adversity (yes, some more than others) but the only way to fight back is to be yourself unapologetically. Other than that, you are only validating that you aren’t good enough, which will likely cause deeper self-loathing in the future.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve ever seen MTV’s show Catfish, you are well aware of the fact that the twists and turns when dealing with these types of situations are plentiful. If you suspect you’re dealing with a catfish, your best bet may be to cut your losses and move on…before you get caught up in their net!

Venus L

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