How to Feel Good When You’re Not Working

One of the members of an entrepreneur business club and mastermind group to which I belong posed the following questions in our private forum:

How do you handle work hours?

Do you work all the time? (Be honest.) Or do you create specific non-work hours?

And how do you not worry and/or not feel guilty when you’re not working?

© Making Productivity Easy

© Making Productivity Easy

I’ve seen far too many cases where women are torn between what they are doing at work and what they feel they should be doing at home – whether that be with spending time with a spouse or significant other, parenting, or attending to the needs of their elderly parents. Yet when they are at home, they are often not fully present because their thoughts are focused on things left undone at work.

So, the answer that I posted in response to the question about how not to worry or feel guilty when you’re not working was the following:

“By recognizing and believing that I NEED and DESERVE to have time and to take time for things other than work!”

For entrepreneurs, this mindset is critical to achieving even a semblance of “work/life balance” – the Holy Grail that everyone seems to be seeking. It is also the beginning of creating a business that supports your ideal lifestyle.

The key is to shift your mindset about what “balance” means. My favorite definition of this word is “the power or means to decide.” It’s all about making conscious decisions regarding how you’re spending your time, why you’re spending it that way, and most importantly, being comfortable with those decisions.

Compare this to walking, where “balance” means keeping upright while moving forward.

If your business represents one foot and the rest of your life represents the other, you can easily see that if you try to place equal weight on both feet at the same time, all the time, you don’t advance. Yet this is what most people consider “balance” to be. 

So the next time you find yourself fretting or feeling guilty about what you’re not doing in your business when you’re away from work – or visa versa – remember this analogy and take a walk. It will free your mind and your conscience, and you’ll get some exercise too!

Monique Y. Wells
Founder of Making Productivity Easy and the Doing What Matters™ mentoring program.

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