Have Video Games Taken Over Hollywood

Have Video Games Taken Over Hollywood?

Undeniably, the response to the recent release of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, proves the video game industry is the new money maker in the entertainment world. While the numbers have shown this for quite a few years now, this blockbuster of a video game seems to be the bar raiser that really makes it concrete. With the games production costing 265 million US Dollars (more than any movie in history, other than Pirates Of The Caribbean 3) this industry has certainly come a long way from arcade games such as Pac Man.

One thing that’s really mesmerizing about these numbers is that Rockstar Games (the company that develops the Grand Theft Auto series) managed to make all of their 265 million dollars back on preorders of the game alone. What really sets this game, as well as a plethora of modern video games, apart from the former arcade styled games, is the cinematic way in which the story plays out. For anyone unfamiliar with the game world in recent years, it’s no longer full of the somewhat childish, mindless, and highly repetitive games of the past. Some of the games are pure works of art with gripping story lines complete with character depth, emotional roller coasters, and masterful voice overs. The video games of today are full blown movies, where you are the protagonist, and your actions decide the result.

Profits between the video game industry and Hollywood grow further apart every year. Although movies will always be enjoyable, they may become a thing of the past as technological advancements continue to expand the business aspect of entertainment. What’s next is the big remaining question for an industry that creates products once considered a mind numbing, juvenile, waste of time. Video games bring in far more earnings than pretty much any other form of entertainment. Safe to say, video games grabbed the attention of many people, and with a tremendous rate of growth, there’s nowhere to go, but up.

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