How Social Networking is Ruining your Real Life Relationships

How Social Networking is Ruining your Real Life Relationships

OK, so let me prerequisite the following by stating that no, I am not one of those people who tends to blame man-made technology for the follies of man; on the contrary. Guns don’t kill people, killers do…and the computer isn’t really ruining your relationship…you are!

So, why are we here?

If you haven’t been following my posts, allow me to give you a crash course on my way of thinking. Individuals = good, groups = bad. That is to say, some of the greatest issues currently plaguing our society occur because someone is able to manipulate enough people to think a certain behavior is a good idea.

Are You Saying the Internet is Evil…?

Of course not! Are you paying attention?! What I am saying is the Internet increasingly has a negative effect on the nature and longevity of relationships. Rather than making an effort to correct this massive issue, we are cracking jokes and helping to further along the process.

Wait, what is “the Process”?

I’m glad you asked! The process that I speak of involves the fact that we are making our personal lives too public and thus leaving our dirty laundry in broad daylight, for the world to pick over and scrutinize. Furthermore, in doing this, we are also getting used to losing friends/ loved ones over our online antics, and because we have the guise of a massive network of “friends” to support us, many are ruining their real lives in favor of a supposedly better syndicated version online that did not use to exist.

You mean like the Movie “Surrogates”?!

Ugh, we compare every single life lesson to some pop-culture dribble today, must we? If you’ve been paying attention to the world around you, you’ve noticed that virtually everyone you know has at least jeopardized a close personal relationship all to entertain a bunch of people they barely even know…if at all. People don’t even seem to realize what they’ve done wrong until it’s too late.

All Business Is Show Business…

In an age in which social networking is king, all the world is truly a stage; given the fact that it is now more possible than ever for the average Joe to become a household name. Personal pages are likened to proverbial pilot episodes for onlookers. Highlights, lowlights, and no lights, the good, bad, and ugly about most of our lives can be found within a click.

However, what seems lost in translation is how much this may be impacting those around us. Sure, it was funny when you talked about your exes most embarrassing secret on your page…but, not as funny when you got dumped…but then again, you joked about that, too. Would it hurt you if the same were done to you? Yes, and the hurt usually comes back…

To add insult to injury, everyone has an opinion. When you post a screen shot of your girlfriend’s phone there will be a slew of comments. Most will be of someone laughing or making light of the situation, others will assert you deserve better, others still may even say you guys can work it out. What’s the problem here?

You are unconsciously collecting a consensus on how to proceed with your relationship. Whether you follow it or not, you will know that many do not approve of your relationship, find it comical, etc…which is a lot of pressure to put on a relationship that is already in limbo. Take reality television; for example, how many couples were happy and in love until they allowed cameras (and the world), into their business? Certainly more than you can count on both hands…

The Bottom Line

Social networking is giving the average person a small dose of celebrity one day at a time. No matter which way you slice it, having an audience does tend to affect how we behave towards others. How do you counteract this very human tendency? Put down your computer, cell phone, tablet, etc., check to see who is still there, and protect those relationships at all costs!

If you’re honest with yourself, at the end of the day, those are really the only relationships you have.

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