If Sports Were Like Corporations

If Sports Were Like Corporations

Tom Brady, one of the top 3 quarterbacks of all time, was called into his coach’s office Bill Belichick. Bill brought Tom in to ask about what he was doing on the field. He had no clue what plays were being called, and couldn’t articulate what exactly Brady’s value was to the team since he didn’t know what Tom did. Bill questioned his value despite the Patriot’s receivers having record breaking seasons.

“Tom”, Bill said “There are some things that I haven’t seen in your performance that you need to work on. For one, I really want you to design the plays in a way that gets everyone involved. You’re an excellent passer, but your play communication and design skills are lacking.”

Tom looked at Bill confused.

“Tom, I need you to take a proactive approach in communicating the play calling to me. I need to know what you’re doing. Your poor performance in communicating the plays to me needs improvement. Also, I’m going to need you to play middle linebacker since you’re such an excellent passer.” Bill’s rationale, if Tom is great at quarterback he will be exceptional as a middle linebacker.

“OK coach, whatever you need. Whatever makes the team better I’m in favor of it”, Tom said in fear of correcting his coach and losing his job.

The next Sunday, Tom Brady started at quarterback and played middle linebacker. Tom let Bill know every play he was about to run. This resulted in constant delay of game penalties, and New England was forced to punt on every series. When the defense took the field, to everyone’s amazement, Tom was at middle linebacker on the defense. The defense gave up a record number of yards and points, and the Patriots lost the game. However, Bill knew everything that was going on the field on offense, and since he ran the defense, was mystified as to why the Patriots lost. Every attempt he tried to manage and rectify the delay of game penalties failed. This troubled Bill.

Fans in the stadium, the media and Tom’s teammates were mystified as to why Bill had Tom playing middle linebacker, when his skill was quarterback. The team also wondered why Tom had to tell Bill every play he was running and why Tom all of a sudden was designing plays, wasn’t that the role of an offensive coordinator.

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