Feeling sad? Depressed? Is life getting you down? Not anymore! Tune into one of Ty Showers’ latest and greatest tracks, ‘Improve Your Mood’, and do just that! An uplifting dance, soul, house, and r&b fusion, ‘Improve Your Mood’ is definitely a track for with a little something for everyone. Simultaneously calming and uplifting, Showers once again manages to effortlessly blur the lines between virtually opposite genres of music. A celebratory-sounding house music bass line, blended beautifully with a soulful, r&b melody makes this piece one that seems to both caress and crash though your speakers.

Lyrically speaking, this track keeps it simple while synchronously relaying a deep and complex message. Seemingly written in the voice of a seasoned and soothing guru, Showers dishes out poetic, timeless advice, that is sure to help even the most upset listener locate their inner groove. The track commences with Showers proverbially coaxing listeners into submitting to the groove of the track. Once he has your attention he begins drop jewel after jewel of move-improving goodness; asserting that even the loneliest of us have a reason to groove as well as the fact that loving oneself is the key to true friendship. These points are driven home with repetition of the phrase, ‘Listen to the facts’, as it offers reassurance that the speaker on this track has tried and tested these lessons before releasing them, in all their catchy potency, to the general public. So…listen to the facts, this track will improve your mood… if you choose or… double your sadness back.

Venus L

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