LaSalle Park

A circle of green with hedges for a fence was where we used to play

Just across the street was the place to meet

I wonder who’ll be out today

Runners ran around LaSalle Park

Passing lovers parked in cars

Kids skinning knees or chasing after bees

Little army men engaged in wars

I watched Tara Davis walk across the park

On the way home from Catholic school

I wonder if she ever knew how I felt

Nah, back then I wasn’t too cool

I once cut my hand in LaSalle Park

Tripped and fell on a piece of glass

Aunt Yvonne had just arrived for a visit

Running to meet her, I ran too fast

I was a very lucky kid

To live where I did

Aretha Franklin lived 3 blocks away

The Hitsville building was about a half mile

That’s all I really need to say


William Stephenson

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