Lego My Ego: How ‘The Lego Movie’ Teaches that We’re All Equally Awesome

It’s not often that a children’s movie can have a profound affect on society at large, but upon viewing Warner Bros’ “The Lego Movie,” I am of the opinion that this may very well be such a film.

The Lego-cy

A larger than life depiction of the towns that many of us created with those versatile building blocks and action figures, ‘The Lego Movie’ shan’t disappoint the inner collector in you. With character cameos from Batman (Will Arnett), the Green Lantern (Jonah Hill), and even the legendary Shaquille O’neal himself, there’s certainly more than enough star power in this film to keep even the biggest movie critic delighted and engaged. Furthermore, much to the delight of many nostalgic-feeling adults, most of the details about Lego pieces were kept true to life.

The Plot

*Spoiler Alert* Not to give away too much of the film, but the gist of the movie is as such: an average working Joe, or ‘Emmett,’ as he is known in the film, is mistaken for a “master-builder,” or in other words, an extraordinary person or supernatural entity, and is thus solicited by others to help save Legoland from evil dictators. Much to everyone’s dismay, it is then realized that he is not the “one” they are seeking and is actually below average in terms of both his critical thinking skills as well as his building prowess. In the end, however, it is discovered that all of his seemingly useless inventions and ideas are exactly what is needed to help change the world.

Larger Implications

The overall meaning behind the plot seems to be that change often comes from the strangest places. Our society has a hierarchy that stratifies each of us based upon our level of education, critical thinking skills, etc., which leaves many with the unfair impression that those who have not attained a certain level of success, are useless.

Quite the contrary, even within our society there are consistently instances in which a seemingly “average” individual, achieved extraordinary levels of success. Furthermore, in the movie it is even told to Emmett specifically, that the reason he had begun to help humanity was only because he finally believed he could help. This very much parallels with our society. Even though our society has this grandiose and seemingly impenetrable construct of hierarchy, there are “average” people who come along and change the entire world.

Final Thoughts

Take your entire family to see this film!

If nothing else you will laugh, learn, and love this wonderful epic. Indeed, this movie shows that even in the darkest hours we are all just one innovation away from once again, everything being… awesome!


Venus L

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