Abstemious Life

Living an Abstemious Life


The older a person gets in America, the more apparent that the eating habits as a teenager and young adult were not beneficial to the human anatomy. The mere thought of healthy food is abominate, and one absconds at the site of broccoli and cauliflower. Over time, the body gets older and internal organs tend to become more sensitive. A person realizes that everyday, simple eating in moderation, is how you’re supposed to eat. A lot of things that taste good are not good for the human anatomy. Unfortunately, a person will often over indulge in food that tastes good. Food is treated more as a hedonistic support tool than a tool for life sustainability.

Food scientists cater to company greed and create formulas for unhealthy additions at the expense of natural genetics. The long term ramifications of this constant dialog of tasty chemicals is unknown, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that over indulgence in chemicals masked as food can’t be beneficial to humankind. Of course, as those tasty treats are sliding down the esophagus and into the stomach, the last thing on one’s mind is long term effects. I doubt if humankind has ever thought long term.

However, today, there are so many evil forces scheming to alter natural food that a mind shift is desperately needed.

Questions we need to ask:

“Where did this food come from?”

“Was the food created in a lab?”

“Is the food I’m consuming really what I think it is?”

Unfortunately, the education system, the media and marketing are set against the poor, and now the evaporating middle class. The messaging is affordable taste, instead of sustainable nutrition. Further, most natural grocery chains make it impossible affordably to eat healthily. It’s very easy to walk out of natural food stores spending $100 and only carry two grocery bags filled with fruit, vegetables and maybe some fish, that will probably be consumed by one person in 2 or 3 days.

Consequently, living an abstemious life is expensive and not practical for most. Nevertheless, you’re only given one life, try and preserve this one naturally without chemicals, as much as possible. Food manufacturers should keep in mind the long-term peril they may be creating for humankind.

Imagine a planet where all the chemical intake, disguised as food, over decades, creates a new human species that may constitute our extinction.

Ty Showers

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