Filming Crucial Scene for Louie

Louie Shoots – Part One

Tuesday was going to be tricky because I had a hosting gig at the Cellar before I knew my call time for Wednesday was 8:30 am. The second show can sometimes wrap up at 2am, depending on how many guests spots come in. I’m holding my breath during the second show, hoping that nobody pops in. It was a real good late show, and a woman at the end of the front row had a great, hearty laugh that lasted until the end of the show. My dream came true (not that one, she was on a date) when no extra acts went on and the show ended around 12:45am. I was home and in bed a little after 2am.

I fell asleep watching a movie and wound up getting about 3 hours of sleep. Up at 6:30am, not exactly the optimum time for me to get myself together enough to be in public for the next 12 hours minimum. It was slow going, but I left at 7:30am, steeling myself for the rush hour subway madness. I decided the first car would be the least crowded, so I walked past the crowds and boarded. I was meeting a van at the NE corner of Broadway and Canal St. and according to my watch and Google Maps, I was going to be on time. Two stops before mine a woman gets on and stands at the front of the car. She reminded me of the woman from the end of the front row. I looked at her again, and she seemed to have a sly half smile on her face. My stop comes up, and I use the door closest to her to exit and now she has a full grin going, and I asked if she were at the Cellar the night before. She said “Yep, that was me.” I took that as a sign, it was going to be a good day, and it was.

The van and I were on time, and a bunch of the cast and crew were off to Brooklyn for my first Louie shoot of season 4. We pull up to the set in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn and step into the crisp morning air. A half block away is the trailer with hair and makeup. The food tent is next to that, and I eat a full breakfast. A short while later it’s time to go up to the set. “My” apartment is a 2 flight walk up loft.A huge space with a poker table set up in the dining area.

The scene happens in a poker game. When one of my guests shows up with a monkey, things get weird. (Watch what happens when this episode airs in the new season that starts May 2014.) The chimp was hired from a company in Florida and not fully co-operating. He kept grabbing at the overhead boom mike and suddenly hopped out of his trainer/handlers arms doing back flips. On top of that the handler kept flubbing his lines and had to be replaced by a second of three trainers.

At one point while they changed lens I sat in an easy chair and went to sleep!

I woke minutes later to 3 cameras and flashes going off in my face.

We finally wrapped at 4:40pm and loaded back in the van when Sarah Silverman invited us to dinner at a spot in the East Village near where she used to live.

An excellent way to end a day of good work.

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