Phone Obsession

Mind Losers


Many of us have bought into the notion that life is so full and busy that the only time to make important texts and calls is while walking in traffic. On TV, we are flooded with ads for the latest phones. Anyone who hasn’t bought a new one in the last five minutes is portrayed as “uncool,” which according to marketers is the worst thing anyone can be today. Phone booths are a thing of the past as any open air space is now used to conduct personal, and other types of business. When people are outside, they are using their outside voice freely.

“My batteries are dying….NO, YOU CAN’T COME OVER I SAID! CAN YOU HEAR ME? DO NOT….dayum, phone is dead.”

More than once I have wanted to stop people on the street and ask,” Because you’re on your phone and relying on your peripheral vision, I have to watch where you’re going? Nope, I don’t think so!”

I think I’ve finally figured out the obsession with smart phones and all the amazing things smartphones can do. Every time something brand new comes along, we collectively lose our minds. I wonder how many cave men horribly burned their hands when fire was first discovered.

“Ug, this fire is GREAT! Must get close to it…too close now and it hurts! Oh, how pretty…still hot! Must get close to it!” These responses to fire may have gone on for years before they figured it out.

Seeing people walk down the street staring at the phones makes me think of how people probably reacted when newspapers first came out. Thousands must have walked right into the asses of horses before they started reading the paper sitting with a cup of coffee. When the question “What will they think of next?” is answered, we lose our minds all over again.

William Stephenson

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