Modern Day Friendships

Modern Day Friendships

While most communication in 2013 is purely digital, is the way people develop and treat their personal relationships suffering because of digital communication? These days seem like most people, especially the youth, have quite a large number of friends. How many people have “real friends”? Now more than ever the amount of “friends” people seem to have is higher than ever due to the convenient, and instant methods of communication at our disposal. The quantity has certainly increased, but what can be said about the quality of friends?

Close relationships between people have taken a hit. We surround ourselves with a large number of acquaintances. How many people truly are close to those they consider friends? Regardless of how many people you’re surrounded by, and how many of them you call friends, how well do you know and care about each other? Today, it’s far more common for people to have overly casual relationships hanging out, consuming whatever forms of media you enjoy, calling it a night and going home.

When it’s easier than ever to communicate with each other, people have jeopardized close, personal friendships, for very surface, and basic friendships, but at a higher quantity. Social networking and smart phones created a lot of great advancements. Nevertheless, it’s easy to see how the way we interact with each other is much less personal, and there is a lot more distance between people. Although this may sound cliche, or a bit cheesy—one good friend is worth more than a thousand acquaintances.

Regardless of how our daily lives operate, we need to take a step back, and take a good look at how our personal relationships function.

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