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Mountaintop Experiences – New Season: Spiritual Warfare


Part III New Season: Spiritual Warfare by Kwjuana Thomas

It is summertime! The change in season has already introduced the first, tropical storm brewing in the Atlantic and I am in great anticipation of what is in store! I am looking forward to swimming in fresh water, fishing, boating, viewing natural sites; BBQ’s and drinking very cold, specialty beer, near natural bodies of water. Specific, huh?

These comforts will be greatly appreciated because this is a season of great transition, change and moves. It is of great importance that my hope and security is not placed in the natural comforts. Though sufficient as means of recreation and refreshment, I sense much of what has been working over the past two years will begin to manifest this season. The road blocks are lifted. Recently faced with opportunities to concede that I can never have what has been promised to me, I choose to persevere. Again, I refused to I believe the lies.

Unlike seasons past, the time is appointed for the things I have been waiting for to come into being. Much of what I believe and wait for is available, now! Yet, there will be great battles of opposition which are in place to create the illusion that what I believe is not available. Contrition. It has been my experience that in times of heaviness, grief, depression and the like, perspective gets clouded and reality gets distorted. I must determine to stay focused in truth and not allow myself to get carried away by emotional feelings.

In this time, it is important to understand who I am, what I am, and to whom I belong. This is a time to gird up and get ready to stand and fight for what is rightfully mine! The beauty of this reality is: what is mine is rightfully mine. I have had two years to get that from my head to my heart, so the truth of that reality is actually a part of me now. It is like a baby in my womb: its life only exists because it is inside of me, and cannot be aborted. Such is my inheritance.

The battles of this season are in words and actions. My challenge here will be to remain in faith and love despite how things may seem. I have to launch into the spirit and lay hold of the wisdom, comfort, and peace available there. I have recently learned in times of spiritual conflict, the mental perception of what could happen is far more dramatic than what actually does happen. I am very grateful for those lessons.

The time is at hand to put into action the training I have experienced over the last two years. Despite the odds, the fight is fixed, and I stand victorious.

Kwjuana Thomas

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