Singer/songwriter/entertainer Ty Showers is at it once again! This time he has released a series of genre-grouped compilations featuring an array of his classics as well as some fresh and new sounds! ‘0.2’, the second release of this musical anthology, promises a varied set of jazz-fusionesque tracks. The project is composed of 14 awesome jazzy tracks that will certain awaken the dormant jazz lover in you!

Certainly no stickler for conventional songwriting/ composition, the project features a wide variety of diverse, yet uniform sounding pieces. The early stand-outs being ‘Zata’, ‘On The Road’, and “River Dream’ each of which have already accumulated several thousands in streams. What’s more, with tracks such as the rhythmic ‘Jungle Paw’, and the hard-hitting ‘Catching Hell’, this album is filled with twists, turns, and surprises around every corner. Each piece is good enough to stand alone, yet there’s an odd sense of cohesion when listening to this project overall; a true testament to Ty Showers’ level of artistry.

This project is perfect for not only jazz lovers, but for all lovers of good music. Don’t let the categorization of ‘jazz’ confuse you, Showers music is simultaneously nothing like you’ve experienced while maintaining the quality standard that we’ve all become accustomed to. Listen to ‘0.2’ and make it number 1 on your jazz playlist!

Venus L

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