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Women and Comedy

What do you think about women in comedy? How has the business changed for women?
It’s not something I think about so I haven’t paid attention to how it is for them.

Throughout your comedic career, think about women in comedy. It seems there are more men in comedy than women. On a typical comedy night, there may not be any women on a show. From what you have observed, do you think a comedian’s life is different for a man than a woman, and how is it different?
Stand up comedy has more men doing it than women. I think every comic’s life is different but I suppose female comics are more scrutinized on their material. Maybe it’s jealousy but there are a lot of men who just don’t find women funny. When I’m watching a comic, my concern is whether or not they make me laugh, not their gender.

Heads Up to Aspiring Comedians

What advice do you give to a young person who wants to become a comedian?
Make sure you’re doing it to make people laugh, not become famous.

How do you think fame affects an entertainer’s career, especially a comedian?
It depends on the individual. Some can handle it fine, like Louie CK and Chris Rock. They are about the work, not the limo’s, club hopping and groupies. Others really get off on the fame aspect and their career is guided by moving up the ladder and are generally assholes. When people are constantly telling you how great you are, if you’re not grounded you will believe and act like your shit don’t stink.

The Walk Away

Must ask the definitive, contemporary comedy question. Was Dave Chappelle crazy to walk away from allegedly 50 million dollars? Why or Why not?
I’ve known Dave since he was 16 and opened for me in a club just outside of DC where I started. I told him to go back to Comedy Central and stay long enough to collect the rest of his cash. But I completely understand him walking away because if going to work becomes a real pain in the ass, save your soul and get the hell out of there.


If you had a crystal ball that could tell you the future of comedy, what do you see?
Me in a TV show I created.


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