Does Society Loathe Free Thinkers?

On Why Society Loathes Free Thinkers

If you’re like me (likely not), you have spent the better part of your existence pondering why so called “humanity” seems to be such an inhumane social construct. On the surface, humanity sounds inviting enough…right? Indeed, what is society besides a consensus within a collection of us?

There’s the Rub…

Speaking strictly from a sociological standpoint, people are eerily irrational in groups. That is to say, people seem to ignore the capacity for thinking for themselves whenever they’re amidst an opinionated group, opting instead to bandwagon onto the latest group consensus, rather than engaging in the apparently tedious chore of utilizing one’s own intelligence (or lack there of), no matter how blatantly irrational the ideology.

English, Please

Why, certainly! Let’s break this down with an easily relatable example: pro sports. Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve witnessed a number of brawls at stadiums, fields, and arenas across the globe. Why? Over money? Usually not. Will the outcome of a game change one’s life in some capacity? (Not unless you’re a Yankees fan…) So, what is it?

Group Think!

Emotions tend to run high when you’re with a group of people who are focusing on the same outcome (which is pretty much mass prayer, by definition), and others are aggressively rooting for the opposite outcome. Then one slaps another (I mean…how dare they wish for a different outcome than you, right?), and the anger dominoes around the place faster than the wave.

Where do the Free Spirits Come into Play?

We don’t! That’s the point I’m making here. The only thing more annoying than a Lakers fan to a Celtic fan is the bookworm in the corner asserting that pro-sports are rigged…(not that I personally would ever suggest such a thing). Nevertheless, the reason she is so appalling is not that she doesn’t like sports, it’s that she has an opinion about sports, which doesn’t mirror any other in the room, and disrupts the delusion.

The Mask of Society

Pro sports, like many other “pastimes” in the world, are designed to tap into brutish emotions, which vastly undermine, logic, and common sense. Although people know the outcome of the next Knicks game will certainly not change anyone in a profound way, they’re already too involved in the delusion to make an abrupt exit. They’ve become emotionally attached to something that many others are emotionally attached to…and that makes it valid…by society’s terms.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a group of detached brainiacs pass the time by envisioning a less angry populace, and eventual world peace.

Did you chuckle a bit? I know, so passe…

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