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Overcoming Victimization

Invitation to Women: Rise up. Reclaim your power. Come from under the system of bondage and take your seat in the throne room. Only then can you know, understand and discern what is happening, has happened and what is to come. No longer be bound. Reclaim your power. Know who you are. Reject all falsity. Go deeply into the constant One, you are being called and invited to truth.

I love healing. I have dedicated my life to receiving and giving healing as needed to those who are broken. Recently, having encountered a situation where I needed breakthrough in many areas, I found I was flowing in victimization. I was shocked to find it was not only a condition of my heart, but of my mind, affecting my ability to progress in spirit and in the earth. It was hidden and I was carrying it. It had been affecting my perception, understanding and ability to move from a place of clarity. I had to face, admit and release many manners of abuse, fear and victim/poverty ideologies.

Judgements, shame and expectancies of abandonment, lack, thwarted plans and oppression were all over me encumbering me from moving in the direction I needed to walk in. I was paralyzed in spirit and had not known.

As I began to allow healing through yielding to the promptings of my Holy Spirit, I could feel the weights being released. I could sense the difference as I approached topics which once plunged me into a pit of hopelessness, despair and expectancies of failure. I realized where my power had been resting. I was taught to take it back.

I’ve learned victims and those who have been victimized through lineage, society or personal shortcomings tend to be extreme in type: they gravitate towards victim or predator. Neither is healthy or yield lasting good fruit, so I’ve been monitoring this behavior in word, action and thought.

The key is to overcome obstacles. To achieve new heights. To unlock new doors, enter and shut old ones where hungry ghosts lurk. To embark on untouched territory and take it all. To walk in promise. Only through self-actualization in God unhindered by the past, present or future forecasts of deprivation can one overcome victimization.

Kwjuana Thomas

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