Racism is so Tiring – #racismissotiring

Over the last few months the world has witnessed a nation that talks the talk, but still has trouble walking the walk. “The Melting Pot” is more like a pot of ingredients that refuse to melt. Yes, there are some areas in the pot that have melted, flowing into each other to create something beautiful. However, there are other areas in the pot stubbornly holding on to the sides, fighting against what is inevitable.

First, the rancher dude offered his expert opinion on the plight of Negroes in America and how the absence of learning to pick cotton by contemporary Negroes has been their downfall. Next, one of the National Basketball Association owner’s social beliefs were exposed when the private curtain was raised and the world learned that Blacks in the U.S. “should be treated like dogs, like they are treated in Israel…and that’s just the way it is in the world, it’s the culture,” to paraphrase. I refuse to mention either of these so-called men by their names. Who they are as individuals is not as important as what they both believe and how those beliefs continue to damage the commonwealth of America.

Straight up — Racism is so tiring. In 2014, to hear these archaic beliefs held high by the flag of racism waving in our faces is a testament to the fear, the hatred, and the patriarchal attitudes that persist in a country still having difficulty moving beyond such antiquated societal constructs.

Racism is so tiring because such beliefs drain our energy. Instead of considering each other equals who as humans deserve to be treated with respect simply because we are human, we are judged by skin color. Not our abilities, or potential, our work ethic, our dreams, hopes, and desires. Nope, our pigment. Think about that. To some people, the color of our skin is more important than anything else and used as a metric to determine where we should be able to live, what type of work we should do, where we can enjoy leisure time, and where we can spend our currency.

Too often, people of color somewhere in the back of their minds wonder if they are being followed in a store, if they didn’t get a job for which they are qualified for because of their skin color, if they could have gotten a better deal on a house or car if they were not a particular skin color, if they are seemingly ignored waiting for a salesperson to acknowledge their presence in a store because of their skin color. There are many more examples, but you get the idea.

Racism is so tiring because with a President, who is partially Black (I refuse to say half Black, we really don’t know the percentage) the covert and overt racism demonstrated against this man under the guise of whatever excuse people create has been downright embarrassing. Never in the history of America, (from what I’ve read throughout my lifetime) has a President received such underserved disrespect. Instead of Congress and the Senate working together with our current President for the good of the commonwealth, it appears they would rather see the country continue to fall into disarray. Americans be damned, there’s a darker complexion in the White House and that is the most important issue. Not jobs, not schools, not roads, not bridges, not affordable housing, not homelessness, not women earning equal pay or workers earning a living wage, not the present and future condition of our youth, not affordable higher education, not unpolluted water or real food…again, you get the idea.

How can America become the great nation so many pretend it already is without the full engagement of its citizenry?

Why does a country marginalize segments of the citizenry by systematically creating barriers that keeps too many in or just above poverty, or pushes them towards prison?

What happened to all that civics stuff many of us learned in high school? Ever heard of the “pursuit of happiness?” Perhaps that concept still does not apply to those whose skin color serve as a predeterminate for what they deserve.

For a nation carrying the burden of racism, for a world carrying the burden of racism, we are all crumbling from its weight.

Recently, there’s been so many instances of overt racism in America that no reasonable person can honestly say racism is gone, and shockingly question why those people are complaining. There can be no stronger statement of patriotism and honor than to banish existing barriers that prevent one’s citizenry from becoming the best they can be in words and deeds.

Racism is in our face, it’s ugly, and needs to stop for the sake of the Country. There’s an old saying, “God don’t like ugly.” Neither do I.

Right now, America looks like the biggest hypocrite on the planet.



Leana Turner

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