Happy New Year

The Resolution Revolution: Why You Should Stop Waiting for New Year’s to Change Your Life

Well kids, 2014 is finally upon us!

If you’re like most people you’ve undoubtedly vowed to get that 6 pack you’ve never had or plan to stop cursing (as soon as these a**holes leave you alone!), awesome…but why wait?! A New Year’s resolution is a wonderful way to get focused (or refocused), but there’s one main issue…IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!

This is not to say that your heart isn’t in the right place…I mean, to make such grandiose resolutions you must have great intentions. The problem? You’re not motivated enough. Think about it, if you really wanted to quit smoking in August, would you then hold off until January for some arbitrary date to convene with other unmotivated individuals who have also resolved that they too will finally stop putting off that vital goal of theirs, as well? I think we know the answer to this! Still there are billions of people waiting for the 2014 ball to drop so they can finally get started on one resolution they so carelessly refused to pick up during the entire prior year. Insanity, much?!

The Resolution Solution

There is only one way to end the vicious cycles of never achieving seemingly unachievable goals that we put off each year…do it NOW!!

You heard me!

The only way to achieve the goals that you keep putting off is to start working towards them today. The most difficult accomplishments take months, or even many years to achieve. How are you helping yourself by waiting months to begin something that may take years? Furthermore, the most difficult demons that we battle (i.e. drugs, sex addiction, and the like), must be slayed daily. So, no matter when you officially decide to quit, please keep in mind the battle will be fought daily. Win or lose, with tomorrow awaits another battle…so, again…why wait?!

The Bottom Line

Tomorrow isn’t promised…and doesn’t always come. If you want to change your life…do it today! As the saying goes, “There is truly “no time like the present.”

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