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Restoring the Standard

Fruitfulness, multiplication and the ability to subdue are all part of the human genome. Looking intensely at what has, and is happening to woman in our society in the areas of the marginalized and underrepresented, I say, the standard must be restored.

There must be a shifting of focus from self into the Constant infallible, immutable God. Only then can scales fall from the eyes, horns fall from the ears of man and hearts of stone be made flesh. Looking into what we do not wish to see with disdain does nothing but precipitate more of the same over time. It becomes a false focus. The law of liberty, not created by man, may be used as a tool of transformation of the soul.

I have chosen to rest in the arms of liberty and search. The standard for methods of practical application through revelation, knowledge and wisdom is effective, when applied and taken as medicine for a broken heart. It is not my belief the current misappropriation of woman is forever, but I do believe it is the heart of recognition of truth that is given the power to change things. Standing by the sidelines and laying blanket judgment is not key. Preaching to sensationalism is not key.

The power to restore the broken-down temples lies within you. Calling it forth and listening to its leadings are how we get to a future filled with hope, promise and abundance: first individually, then corporately.

Something has to change, someone has to change and it isn’t Him. What are you willing to do? How far are you willing to go with and for love? How hungry are you? Think about it. Look around. In each person, there is purpose. Seek the instruction manual before building the object. And, after you have asked for wisdom, sought for knowledge and gained understanding, then act. If you are lacking in wisdom, ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

Kwjuana Thomas

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