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Nat Seymour Running Photographer

Photo credit: Nat Seymour
Running Photographer Courtesy of
Be Technical Graphics

In our daily lives, most of us are not presented with an opportunity to interact with an aeronautics engineer. One may think an aeronautics engineer’s personality might be staid, or disengaging to a nontechnical person. Well, the total opposite is true in the case of Nat Seymour.
In 2013, shortly after the MIT Enterprise Forum panel discussion at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA on Space commerce, tourism, and mining in space, MIT graduate Nat Seymour shared with fromacloud his passion for rockets, fluid systems, explosions (the safe kind, of course), and the importance of engineers in society.

A career transition from engineering to photography seems to be a perfect fit for him. No matter whether he is running backwards in a marathon to take in the moment shots of a marathon runner or teaching a photography course or taking photographs during social and corporate events, Nat’s engineering background still plays a role in his approach to capturing the essence of his subjects.

He is also a published author, and his exciting novel Rocket Religion allows us to take a great ride through the eyes of an engineer. Rocket Religion is available on Amazon.

Nat’s interview will make you think about engineers in a different way.

Ann Levorn

Rocket Religion Book Cover

Photo credit: Courtesy of
Nat Seymour, Author
Available on Amazon

Nat Seymour Photo

Photo credit: Nat Seymour, Photographer
Courtesy of Be Technical Graphics

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