Single and Loving It: On Why Marriage in on the Decline

Until recent years, marriage was considered the be-all-and-end-all of relationships. Thus, how long you dated someone or how much you adored one another came second to whether or not you had taken the steps to secure your lifelong commitment. Indeed, at one point children out of wedlock were deeply frowned upon within the community. Now, it more or less depends on whether or not a couple is capable of being financially responsible to said offspring.

Times Change…

So…what happened? Well, in short, it seems people are more afraid of getting it wrong, than they are eager to try and make it right. Much of today’s youth come from broken homes. Many who had to endure the bickering and fighting of two parental units later realize they were never good together. Moreover, even the ones who ended up staying together typically went through many years of disagreement and unhappiness. Ultimately, such environments left a terrible impression on the youth of yesterday…who are the parents of today.

Too Smart For Our Own Good?

Like generations before us, we are all left trying to make sense of the mistakes our parents made and also trying desperately not to repeat them. Given the fact that many people were forced into marriage for fear of societal judgment, much of today’s youth find the idea of marriage to be painful and unnecessary. However, what we call critical thinking is merely a reaction to the unfavorable relation circumstances that most of us have witnessed others go through. Thus, love is considered to be a liability simply because of the potential for heartbreak, which fewer people seem to be willing to risk.


Renouncing marriage altogether based on the experiences of others is as nonsensical as marrying someone you don’t love simply because you are “ready” and/or have children together. The only solution is to search for love and not stop until you find it! So many of us are guilty of getting into relationships for convenience purposes…which is ultimately why things don’t work out. In our modern day times, we value instant gratification much more than lasting satisfaction which is why most of us aren’t willing to wait for the “right one.”

Only when we all stop being motivated by the fear of loneliness and embrace the beauty of true love, will we ever see an end to this massive devaluing of monogamous relationships.

Venus L

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