Single Spotlight: ‘Maybe’ by Terzasfera – Taliferro Music ♫

In case you’re yet unfamiliar, Terzasfera is an Italian electropop band fronted by the gorgeous vocalist, Joy Moonbay. Known for their playful, positive, and profound playlist of pop cultural perfection, this is certainly a band to watch, (assuming you haven’t already been doing so). On that note, if you’re looking for an awesomely ambient electropop fusion track that’s both cynical and sensual well maybe you should keep reading…


By “maybe,” I mean definitely! Seriously, if you’re looking for a song that can simultaneously voice your relationship-related frustrations and calm your anguish, this is it! “Maybe” by Terzasfera is a song that effortlessly expresses the pure passion associated with heartache, in a healthy and candid manner.

All That In One Song?!

Why, certainly! What is presumably a track based on a definitive moment of uncertainty in love, “Maybe” is one of those tunes that can virtually rectify any foul mood. The music is lullaby-esque while the words are simultaneously a stark contrast. The tracks seem to tell a tale in which the leading lady rehashes and laments over the various mistakes she may or may not have made/allowed in her most recent relationship. Culminating in the chorus the powerful words “NEVER AGAIN” are belted and crooned with such sincerity, you begin question the title of the track.


Overall, this track seems to be an homage to the fickle nature of love. Though the song is definitely about a woman who is clearly hurting and questioning her relationship with her significant other, the title of the track indicates there is still hope. The singer sounds strong and sure about needing to move on. However, the word “maybe” repeatedly peppered throughout the song reflects that she’s truly not sure whether she’s coming or going.

Isn’t That Just Like Love?! Well, Maybe…

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