Good Grief: Why "Good" People Usually have the Worst Tempers

Say Hello To the Bad Guy…

If you have at all become acclimated with the writer that is known as “Venus L.,” you have certainly figured out by now that I’m a bit of a loner. Not like a creepy uni-bomber loner, but more of an alien, or objective observer, in most social situations. I may come across as crass, egotistical, even a bit arrogant, but one thing I’m very rarely mistaken for is dishonest. I’m a “straight shooter” so to speak, I just put everything on the table and let people decide if they can handle my mess, or not.

The “Good” Guys…

On the flip side, there is a portion of the populace that I rarely choose to interact with; these are the supposed “good” guys, the ones who never seem to have a bad day or have a bad word to say. This is not the same as positive people, there’s nothing wrong with seeing the bright side of things, the ones I’m referring to seem to deny the negative side exists at all; delusion. This is form of emotional suppression and the laws of these instances are just the opposite of gravity, what goes down…must come up!

Temper Tantrums

Far too often, I am confronted with a story or instance in which someone supposedly “snapped out of nowhere.” This is a fallacy that we need to lay to rest today. There is no such thing as “snapping out of nowhere,” people are simply ignoring the signs! No one can be happy 24 hours a day. Indeed, it is also impossible never ever to have a bad day.

If you are in a relationship/friendship with someone who behaves this way, they are typically only trying to please you at the cost of their own well-being. What’s more, this behavior is often displayed by someone who either has very low self-esteem or a very, well-kept, hidden agenda.

Think about it. It’s normal for humans to get upset at times, sad, or angry…if someone never displays any of these emotions then what else are they hiding?! You’d be smart not to wait around and find out, but all too often the intimate details of these twisted situations end up mapped out on an episode of “Snapped.” Suppressed feelings literally cause stress on the mind and body, so in order to reserve your health the body finds every opportunity to rid itself of suppressed emotions. Sometimes, situations quickly escalate from talking to all out mayhem, leaving bystanders scratching their heads in confusion, “but he seemed like such a good guy?!”

Overall, good people do exist. Nevertheless, I’m of the opinion that they do not come with a perpetual smiling face and a halo hovering over their heads. You may think someone you know is hiding something, it’s possible. Don’t become another cautionary tale! However, some of the worse situations typically make for the best entertainment…


Venus L