His Name Is Danny

Eccentric, hyper, exciting, goofy―all words that can be used to describe Danny Brown. The thirty-two year-old rapper from Detroit, Michigan has become quite a big name over the past couple years, and his popularity seems to be growing. From his wild hairstyle, to his missing teeth, and his incredibly energetic music, Danny Brown has become known as one of the unique figures in the world of hip hop. Although it may seem to most that he just appeared out of nowhere, Danny has been in the rap game for a while, but not until recently did he really catch a break.

Similar to many rappers from Detroit, Danny Brown grew up in a pretty rough area. He wasn’t always collecting big paychecks from playing shows. Danny explains in some of his songs how he grew up around poverty, drugs, and violence. By the time he was in his late teens Danny was selling drugs. Eventually, the path lead to some run-ins with the law, and after missing court dates, and essentially being on the run for a while, Brown was caught and spent 8 months in jail. Once he was released his passion for hip hop music began to take priority over selling drugs. Danny went on to release numerous mix tapes, play shows all around Detroit and developed a local following.

Spending years underground, still struggling to make ends meet, Danny Brown’s music finally started to catch on in a major way. His mixtape known as “The Hybrid” seemed to be a hit, and gained the rapper a lot more attention than his previous releases. Shortly thereafter, he released “XXX,” which really put him on the map. He signed a deal with New York based record label “Fools Gold” and his name began spreading like wild fire throughout the hip hop community.

After a lot of struggling, and a lot of persistence, Danny Brown became far more than a local Detroit rapper. His unique EDM influenced brand of hip hop music began to spread across the globe. Brown is playing high profile shows all over the country, and overseas. Even though his career may have taken longer than a lot of rappers, and being over thirty, some might consider him “Old” compared to many rappers. However, Danny Brown is a prime example of what willpower can do for an up-and-coming music artist.