Festival Season

Everyone loves summer, the warm weather, good vibes, beaches, and bonfires. For music fans, summer has added meaning. The highlight of summer months, one word—festivals. Festivals are huge gatherings where thousands of people spend the day, or sometimes multiple days, surrounded by music, other entertainment, friends, and fun. Groups of friends save up to purchase tickets (unless it’s free, everyone’s favorite price) hop in a car, and drive to their festival of choice, which is sometimes across country.

Since Woodstock took place, which is undoubtedly the most renowned festival of all time, music festivals have increased every year. Regardless of your taste in music, come summer, there’s bound to be a music festival for you. The list is endless. Summer is prime time for musicians from all over the world to go on tour, and it is THE season to see your favorite musical acts perform live in an environment unlike any other.

A big aspect of festivals is camping. Depending on the area, people bring tents or RV’s, and set up in the camping area. People may stay the full length of a festival, falling asleep to music and waking up to more. To some festival goers camping is a necessity; especially, when the festival is far away. These events take place in different venues but mostly outdoors in areas large enough for people to gather, camp, and enjoy the performances.

If you want to attend a music festival this summer there’s a wide variety to choose from. Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza are both great festivals that offer many popular musical acts; including, acts that have been around a while and recent ones. If your interest lies mainly in electronic music there are a lot of choices. You might want to check out festivals such as Electric Forest, Movement: Detroit Electronic, North Coast Music Festival, or Electric Zoo. While naming all of the festivals coming up this summer is an impossible feat those mentioned are great places to start. A quick, Internet search gives you many results if you’re looking for something specific, or closer to your area.

Overall, summer is a wonderful time of the year for multiple reasons. Regardless of your particular reasons for enjoying the warmer months, summer 2013 should be one to remember, for all the right reasons. Music lovers around the world will attend festivals to catch their favorite acts live on stage, and with the number of festivals, and performers growing every year, this time is exciting for live music fans. So purchase your tickets, get a group of friends together, and pack your sleeping bags because it’s time for festival season.