Oldie but Goodies: Top 5 Youtube Workouts for Seniors

Staying in shape is important at every age. Thought many believe they lack the time and/or resources to stay fit, the internet has contributed largely to giving individuals the knowledge and tutorials to get/stay fit in the comfort of their very own homes. No matter how busy or sedentary your lifestyle, rest assured that there is always time for exercise. After combing through pages and pages of free workout videos for seniors, I have compiled a list of the 5 that are the most effective without requiring too much time, equipment, or movement. Welcome to:

The Top 5 Youtube Workouts for Seniors

5. Senior Citizen Forever Young Cardio Aerobics– Time Commitment: 14:46. Equipment Needed: None. Target: Full Body. Join Senior aerobics instructor, Victoria Popoff, as she dances and instructs to some timeless tracks. Yes, sweat to the oldies with this fun and effective workout perfect for anyone seeking for low impact cardio. And who knows, you may even learn a new step or 2…

4. Pilates for Seniors-Great Pilates Workout for Beginners and Seniors (Part 1)– Time Commitment: 10 minutes.  Equipment Needed: Mat or Soft Floor. Target: Full Body/ Strength Training. Looking for a low impact way to tone and strengthen your entire body?! Look no further! Try this short workout and introduction into the wonderful world of Pilates. This is a floor workout but this is also something that could be tried from the comfort of your own couch or bed, safely of course…

3. Actively Aging Energizing Chair Yoga– Time Commitment: 33:09. Equipment Needed: A Stable Chair. Target: Full Body/ Balance/ Stretching/ Flexibility. It’s never too late to learn a new skill! Yoga is arguably one of the best types of workouts for seniors as it is notoriously low impact and utilizes personal strengths while improving weak areas. Grab a chair and join Sherry Zak Morris, E-RYT as she instructs you into a thinner, leaner, stronger body.

2.Fit Over 50- Abdominal Exercises– Time Commitment: 6:34. Equipment Needed: A Mat and 2 dumbbells. Target: Abdominal Muscles. Who says you have to be young to have washboard abs?! This short workout was created on the popular free tutorial site MonkeySee.com, this is the perfect workout for those who are seeking to tone up their midsection. Short but effective, this is not only good for seniors, it’s good for everyone! Grab a mat and a set of small free weights (1-5 pounds to start) and jump on in!

1. Jane Fonda Walking Cardio Workout: Level 1– Time Commitment: 26:45. Equipment Needed: 1 Chair. 1 Towel. This one is simultaneous a blast from the past and glimpse into the future. Watch and sweat along with the lovable actress, Jane Fonda as she shows that hard work pays off at every age. Indeed, with a better figure than many 20-year-olds, Fonda presents a series of low impact moves that are sure to get your blood pumping and your body back in shape!


Staying fit and healthy is of high importance to everyone, especially seniors. Share this list with any senior who needs a little fitness push or anyone who may have an inactive senior in their lives. Email, text them, or just invite them over and do the workout with them! And as always, make sure you consult a physician before beginning any new workout plan. Happy training!

Venus L

Cardio Queens: for Fierce, Fab Family Women Focusing on Finances and Fitness

Everyday there is a new dieting fad, a new fitness miracle, or a new surgical procedure that promises to help keep busy women fit and looking their best. Typically, with minimal effort. Some of these trends come and go with such speed that if you blink you may miss them. Others still seem to stand the test of time being passed down like secret family recipes amongst the most fabulous circles of women…who make it all seem deceivingly easy.

It’s no secret, staying fit and fabulous is a struggle for most women. However, add to that a budding family and career and this challenge goes from difficult, to seemingly impossible. Furthermore, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that there are stricter beauty standards for women, worldwide. Not only are women expected to be perfectly fit, but they’re also expected to be plump in all the right places, with perfect makeup, and of course, whilst sporting all of the latest fashions… Yeah, gimme a break!

Rather than to continue to point out the many obvious obstacles to women being perpetually fierce and fabulous (i.e. time constraints, child birth, child rearing, etc.) suffice to say the true struggle most women face when trying to balance family, work, and their own vitality; is how to define these things for themselves. All too often childless, single men/women are put in the position of advisor (and seemingly judge and jury) of working mothers. It’s easy to say what the perfect mom looks like, or how she should behave when you may likely never face the same barriers. Many women put too much pressure on themselves based on such recommendations and ultimately suffer.

Overall, rather than harp on what the actual barriers to superficial beauty that most women face I’d like to point out that every woman is beautiful. Cliché perhaps, but honestly the only barrier that women face in terms of realizing their true beauty…is the fact that so many are still allowing others to define and mold us into what they think we should be…

Venus L