Just go for it: Top 5 Reasons to Ignore Your Brain and Follow Your Heart

In an age in which almost everything is being simplified and reduced to robotic-levels of thinking, it can be quite difficult for anyone to stay true to themselves. Indeed, we as humans have a tendency to try to fit in rather than standout. Thus, many learn to silence their own voice in the name of uniformity and group cohesion from very early in life. However, is this the best way to live your life? Usually not.


The Top 5 Reasons to Ignore Your Brain and Follow Your Heart: 

5. It’s Your Journey– While this should go without saying, it obviously needs to be said: it’s your life! That’s right, no matter who you love or try to impress no one else will ever be able to live your life for you (body doubles and identity thefters be damned). That being said, we as humans have a tendency to seek out advice from trusted sources when we are experiencing a dilemma. This is obviously a good way to get different perspectives but when it’s all said and done you and you alone will be stuck with the ramifications of said decisions. Furthermore, people tend to give the best advice for them (something you should always keep in mind) so the end results may even be more favorable for them than yourself.

4. Intuition is Real– Whether or not you believe it’s all a bunch of new age mumbo jumbo, there is a lot to be said about the power of intuition. According to a study conducted by Psychology Today  “This part of our brain became highly skilled at sensing immediate danger as well as places of safety.  However, because most of us now live a relatively safe, day-to-day existence, that part of our brain is not triggered very often, and when it is, we are not familiar with it, so we tend to ignore its messages.” That is to say that most of us only tap into this part of the brain when our safety is at risk. This speaks to the fact that intuition is an innate, primal instinct that can be used for a variety of things.

3. Inspire Others– You don’t necessarily go on a campaign of greatness to inspire other people. Many times the most minuscule actions to some is wildly courageous for another. Things such as changing careers or going back to school are great examples of how making a decision to pursuit our interests can rub off on others. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to see you doing something…to realize that they could/should be doing it too.

2. YODO (You Only Die Once)– You read it right: you only die once…you live everyday! Never stifle your goals or future because you’re catering to people who will one day be a thing of the past. If you want to do something (that’s not hurting anyone) do it! Fill your days with the things that you love; everyday can be a new adventure!

1. Dreams Come True– The top reason why you should ignore your brain and follow your heart: dreams come true! Sure, it may be a long shot for you to be the next Jay-Z or Beyonce…but I’m also willing to wager that Hov and Bey were both told they’d never be…Hov and Bey. That is to say, if you are not pursuing your true passions in life because you have rationalized that you will never be successful in it…you’re only killing yourself. It’s no secret why celebrities and other rich and/or famous people seem happier than the rest of the world…it’s because most of them have found a way to do exactly what they want to do with their lives. We are routinely told that money isn’t everything, this is true. However, there is an innately joyful experience to get paid for doing things you actually enjoy doing.

In Conclusion…

It may sound cliché but follow you heart! The mind is there to help you navigate around hurdles and pitfalls, not to prevent you from succeeding in life. Sometimes it’s good to quiet your brain and let the lub-dub of your heart take center stage.

Venus L

Love or Lust

Love or Lust: The Irrefutable Difference


It’s no secret, we live in an over-sexualized society. Gone are the days in which modesty and mystique are considered commodities, and instead we’ve virtually replaced every conceivable trace of these traits with exhibitionism and the boldness of conceit. Is there any room left for true love?!

Save Room…

Of course, there’s still room for love! Though true stories of its existence are more scarce than virgins these days, it still lives, I assure you! On the flip side, in a world in which everyone seems to have a secret agenda, how do you know when you’ve finally found the real thing? It’s really quite simple…

Time and Attention!

You’ve heard the stories many times before: “happily” married couple barely spends time together on their anniversary. The kids are fed, the house is huge and spotless…but where is the love?! Love is disguised as time! Think about it…time is the only thing you can’t get back! We have a whole generation who are fixated on this notion for this very reason. We often pay much more for things if they save us even the tiniest bit of time. It can’t be faked or changed, time just is! It’s no wonder that many couples come together or fall apart depending on the amount of time they spend with one another.

Busy Bees…

We live in a culture that takes pride in being too busy for most everything. “No time to sit and eat, there’s a game on!” or “No time to help others, I need help myself!” You have likely thought or said similar statements many times. Yet, does this mean there’s no time to love?! Absolutely not! This merely means that unless you love, there is no time…for anyone. I mean, there’s always something to do…even if it’s seemingly nothing to others.

So…the Difference is…??

Lust is superficial; which can be driven by aesthetics, financial/social status, or even as a means to boost one’s own esteem. It can last days, weeks, or years…but never make the mistake of believing that lust automatically turns into love after a certain amount of time. On the flip side, love is driven by your heart that is, the need to love, be loved, understood, empathized with, etc. When someone really loves you, they will always make time for you.

Sure, people get busy…but if Jay-Z and Beyonce can find time to spend with one another, please know that Joe Schmo, who works at the deli, can find time as well. Not to be seen with you, or to spend your money, or explore your body…but because they want to be with you! When you’re in love, you can sit in the park, hospital, living room…wherever, and you’ll always be happy! Not checking your watch or messages every two minutes (unless of course you’re a doctor), simply being present in the moment. Hanging on to this person’s every word and gesture because at that moment nothing else matters…

The Bottom Line

There are no hard and fast rules in relationships these days. Indeed, most are fictitious connections that are over before beginning. People make time for whatever they wish; time for sex, money, and other things that benefit them. However, will they listen to your troubles, help with your dreams, and assist you in planning for the future?? If not…they are likely only planning to be around until the present (namely, you!) no longer suits them.

Venus L