NedRa Bonds Podcast Interview

NedRa BondsOne can use many adjectives to describe the multiple dimensions of NedRa Bonds. Social Activist, Educator, Mixed- Fiber Artist, and Quilter are only a few. She is a woman who possesses the type of intellect that slices through bullshit. Her charisma and persistence can melt the strongest opponent. Categorizing Ms. Bonds is impossible because she defies all the neat, little boxes society likes to use to profile someone. She continues to make her voice her in support of “the people,” she educates anyone willing to listen about how art intersects with healing and self-identity. Moreover, Ms. Bonds’ unique quilting and dollmaking talents are like no other.

Enjoy listening to a podcast with NedRa Bonds. Additionally, you will find a video interview, and a written interview on fromacloud, The Official Site of NedRa Bonds.

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Mama C: You Gotta Claim It

A rebel with many causes may sound cliche at first take, but even cliches often speak to truth, and Mama C is truth. I will not take time reviewing her backstory easily found online about the reasons behind the transition from Charlotte Hill O’Neal from Kansas City, Kansas into Mama C from Tanzania, Africa. However, her life story has a direct connection with the trajectory of the civil rights movement in the U. S., and the empowerment of people whose voices could no longer lay in silence. She was in the mix.

The fromacloud video interview with Mama C focuses on her. Her womanhood, her passions, and her personal foundation. A foundation anchored by the spirit of growing up in Kansas, and nurtured in social awareness by The Black Panther Party to develop a global world view. Her deep love for the Arts, which began in America wraps around the essence of her existence. Mama C has a profound need to help others, a need that extends through her music, poetry, and quilt art.

Building a life in Tanzania, and establishing the United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC) with her husband, Mzee Pete O’Neal, demonstrates the power people have to create positive change. Through the UAACC, they have planted many seeds of learning. The Center helps youth develop into their confident selves through computer and English classes, and flourish through poetry, and sewing.

Watch and listen to Mama C speak truth.